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Groupatrip.com FAQ's

Is Groupatrip.com FREE?

YES! Groupatrip.com is a FREE site to everyone. Some user's may choose to pay for use of some features that the site provides, but basic membership is FREE. If you are booking a trip or listing a property in our rental section you must be at least 18 years old.

Why should I enter my “real” personal information?  Who else sees this?

In the future, we will use this information to issue your **Groupatrip.com Membership Rewards Cards, and to mail cash prizes or awards you may win during our monthly contests.  We may also use your information to verify your identity for any purchases make on our site.

You do not have to share your ‘real’ identity with any Members or with anyone else.  You can use your own chosen alias while on the site if you like.

Why can't I travel as often as I would like to?

You are like most other people on this site and you are still afraid to quit your job and just go.

How can I change my email address?

You can change your primary email address at any time. You must go to your “edit profile” page in your personal profile.

Can I change my password?

You can change your password at any time. You must go to your “edit profile” page in your personal profile.

How do I set my profile to private?

You can set an entire profile to private, pals only, or public from your edit profile pages. Some features, like scrapbooks, may also have a box to check if you want to keep certain photos or videos private as well.

I want to upload a picture, but have been getting an error.

If it is for a profile picture then for the best results we suggest adjusting your image. Usually 125 Pixels Wide x 142 Pixels High works best.

Can you tell me if this feels like a lump?

You should probably ask a doctor.

How do I report inappropriate behavior, comments, photos or videos, etc?

Hopefully you won't have to ever do this. We have two systems. One is to simply click on a Pal Police icon next to the picture / video / etc.. If an item is 'policed' by 5 total Groupatrip.com then it is automatically removed from the site. If you need to report a full Pal Profile, or something has really disturbed you please click on "Report Abuse" at the bottom of any screen. Follow the directions on the button for reporting.

I created an account, but can’t log in.

Please check to make sure your log-in and password are correct. If this is your first time logging in then you will have to use the link that was sent to your normal email account you used when at sign up to activate your account. You can log-in with your email account that you signed up with and your password. If you have changed your email log-in then you may also sign in with your Groupatrip.com Membership ID# issued at the time you signed up for an account.

I forgot my Password.

Go to the Groupatrip.com home page. Enter your email and what you think is your password. If your password is incorrect, then you will be taken to a screen where you click on "Forgot Your Login or Password". Click on this link and follow the instructions.

How can I change my personal Information?

If you have changed your address or some other personal information then you should go to “edit profile” and select the appropriate tab. Most of this information can be changed under the tabs labeled “Personal” or “About Me”.

I think I’m addicted to Groupatrip.com, what do I do?

If your computer is down and you start pacing around the house like a caffeinated squirrel here are a few basic warnings for you: This website not tested on animals. Do not access Groupatrip.com website while driving or from your shower. Do not name your twins Travel & Pals.

How do I create a Travel / Restaurant / or other Review?

First you will need to create a Scrapbook from your profile page. After creating a Scrapbook or editing an existing one you may click on “Add Reviews & Advice”. Next pick the category of your review or advice and follow the instructions on the page.

What do I put on a dog with a fever?

Mustard. It's always good on hot dogs.

How do I search for and add a friend?

In the Search section at the top of each page you should click on "Pals". Enter the criteria or the email address of the friend or Travel Pal Member you are looking for. After you find the profile you must send a “Friend Request” then wait for your friend to “add” you to his or her profile by accepting your request to become Pals.

How do I send messages to other Groupatrip.com Members?

You can send messages several ways. By email, by posting comments to pictures and videos, or by posting messages to their message board. To send an email go to “My Mail”. After you click “new” find the Pal and click the box next to his or her name with their profile picture. His or her name will be added to the outgoing mail. If you want to comment on some one's Scrapbook or other content you can simply read click on “post comment” button. If you wish to leave a message on some one's board go to their profile and click “Add Message”. Depending on their message settings the message may not show up immediately as some people review all messages before allowing them to be seen on their profile.

What are this week's winning lotto numbers?

If I knew that you probably wouldn't have this site.

Can I submit a review for something besides a hotel, restaurant, or anything that is not already on your site?

Absolutely!  You can review almost anything using our site.  We encourage you to review the world around you.  

What am I NOT allowed to review?

There is almost nothing that can’t be reviewed.  People on vacation need to know more than just what hotels and restaurants are good...perhaps they want a haircut, or to know a good place to buy some clothes...feel free to review all kinds of businesses.

When will my review be posted?

Reviews are posted immediately. They can be found in your scrapbook. If you make them public then they can be used by all members of the site from the moment you finish. Reviews last forever unless a review is flagged for inappropriate content.

How can I edit my review?

Simply go to your Scrapbook that contains the review. Find the review you wish to edit and click on the “edit” button. Some parts of certain reviews cannot be edited, however you can always write more about a review than before, or give more details. If you wish to “Delete” the review and start over you will have that option as well.

How long do reviews stay posted?

Reviews last forever unless a review is flagged for inappropriate content. If a review is found to be inappropriate then the Groupatrip.com Webmaster may remove the content.

What is a Scrapbook? How do I create a Travel Scrapbook?

A Scrapbook works a lot like a BLOG and is a way for you to organize and share your travel memories and adventures with the entire community. You can place photos, videos, review of travel accommodations, restaurants, and more for others to see and you can tell us about your trip in a personal travel diary. Scrapbooks keep up with where you went and when. Creating an entry in a Scrapbook will place markers on your Scrapbook travel map. Most people create a new scrapbook for each trip they take. Keeping a separate Scrapbook for trips can be the best way to easily show and tell your friends about your travel experiences.

To create a Travel Scrapbook from your Profile Page: Click on “Add a Scrapbook”.

What is a Diary? How do I create a Diary Entry?

A Diary is simply a day-by-day log of your travel experiences. It's your own personal account of what you saw & did on your trip. We recommend that you make a diary entry for each day of your travels. Make some diary entries "Public" or "Pals Only" to record your trip and share, or keep a private diary just for yourself. Just like a real diary, after your trip ends you will always have a way to remember all the things that occurred.

Use your Diary Entries to:

• Tell everyone about the people you met!
• Earn Points for qualifying Diary Entries!
• Describe your day-to-day experiences while on your journey!
• Explain the local customs and traditions you pick up.
• Keep up with new ideas and thoughts that come to you along the way.
• Detail the most remarkable thing that happened on your trip!
• Remember not to leave out all the other fun details!
• Receive diary comments, smiles and vouches from other members for you entries.

To create a new Diary Entry you must start a Scrapbook: Click on the option to “Create Diary Entry”.

How do you kill a circus?

Go for the Juggler.

When are my points calculated? What are they worth?

Points will be calculated as soon as they are eanred and are used to keep track of who is leading the Groupatrip.com Monthly Contest / or Giveaway. Each month on last day of the month the person who has the most Monthly points will be pronounced the winner and will be given the prize for the month.

Monthly Prizes will typically vary and details and information regarding each monthly prize will be posted on the home page or on a link from the home page. 

At the start of the new month all your monthly points are set back to zero ( 0 ) and you have a chance to win again!

What are Lifetime Points? How are they earned & calculated?

Lifetime Groupatrip.com Points are figured the same as Monthly points are to be calculated. However, your Lifetime points will never be zeroed out at the end of the month.

In the future you may be allowed to use your lifetime points toward discounts on travel and for other uses offered exclusively through our site to our members. In the meantime they are a fun way to see how much you have contributed to the site and to gain trophies, awards, souvenirs and community Status. Be ready, there may at times be secret prizes awarded to the Lifetime Points leaders at any given time as a bonus thanks for helping the site grow!

How do I search for a Rental Property for an upcoming trip?

The easiest way to search for a rental property is to click on the "Vacation Rentals" link at the top of any page. Follow the directions on that page to find a rental home. You will also come across rentals on Member's Profiles and on the Travel and City Guides.

I hate Groupatrip.com.com, what do I do?

Send a non-refundable cashiers OR certified funds check for “Processing” in the amount of $135,000.00 US Dollars to Groupatrip.com.com Attention: Website Development Department Please enclose a letter with your basic complaints and a contact’s name. We will be happy to review your complaints and attempt to resolve any reasonable request pending an investigation.

What is the "Travel Guide"? How do I use it to plan my upcoming trip?

Groupatrip.com makes it easy to plan and organize your trip or get advice on your future trips. Besides asking people questions in our Forums, you can use our "Travel Guide" to research more. There you can see who else may be going to your destination, as well as who lives there. You can also see from this screen who lives near the location and who has been to the location in the past. Don’t be afraid to email someone and ask them about their experience if they have not filled out a review. Our goal is to have an interactive community and to get and give good advice. Check the Reviews section of the “Travel and City Guide” to find out about Transportation, Restaurants, Hotels and other information you may need. You may also use this opportunity to try and meet up with other travelers!

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