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Visiting Brian Coughlin's Shares (account name: bseanc)
 Basic Etiquette

Basic Etiquette

We want our site to be fun! We also want our Members to feel safe and welcome. We will allow our Groupatrip.com members to express their opinions and hopefully make a few new friends.

Over the coming months and years you will see the site add several useful features that no other social networking or travel site has ever attempted! Please encourage your friends and family to join and become part of the first social networking site that is going to re-invent the way people travel and share!

We want you to be a part of it all. Here are the basic rules of the road:

  • We are NOT a dating website.
  • We will NOT tolerate prejudiced comments or hate speech, pictures, or propoganda in any form.
  • Be honest, but be respectful
  • Be original
  • Don’t make threats
  • Don’t publish something you wouldn’t want your mother to see!
  • Don't pulish anything you wouldn't want MY mother to see!
  • Groupatrip.com Administrator has the authority to remove any content containing profanity, prejudiced comments, hate speech or other non-family-friendly themes. This includes any inappropriate pictures or videos that may be uploaded.

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