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 About Us

About Us

First, let me thank you for visiting Groupatrip.com. My name is Brian Coughlin, and I am the creator of this site.


Only after several years ( over 6 in fact ) of long hours, sleepless nights, and a commitment to myself,  I am finally proud to present my site to you, and I hope you will enjoy using the site to plan trips, meet some new people, and save money!  But enough about me more now...


What Does GroupATrip.com Do?

Our site offers group discounts, perks, and benefits to anyone who travels. 


We post cruises, tours, all-inclusives, and other types of vacations and trips you would find on other websites and from travel agencies.  Simply sign-up for any of our offered trips ( by yourself or with friends ) and you will be offered a group discount! If you don't find the right trip for you and your friends, you may send us a custom trip request!


You may join any of our trips privately if you wish ( you don't even have to have to be a Member of Groupatrip.com ), or you can help spread the trip to your friends, family, and the web using tools and widgets on our site if you want to help boost size of your group to try and get a better discount or additional perks. 


The more people who sign-up for each trip, the more everyone saves! 


Other great reasons to use our site: 


• Create Travel Scrapbooks & share your adventures with friends & everyone.

• Search for & post vacation rentals. 

• Find new friends and clubs with similar interests in travel and socializing.

• Win Cash &/or Prizes by earning Pal Points for your participation on our site!

• Write Reviews for Restaurants, Shops & More!

• Find and help post information about cities using the Travel and City Guides.

• Book & Reserve last minute trips including Hotels, Cruises & Flights at great rates using “Book Now”.

• Much More!


How Did The Idea For Groupatrip.com Come About?


When I travel I have always enjoyed meeting new people.  While getting to know them, I often found out that they had similar plans as me and were traveling for about the same amount of time as me.  I always thought to myself, "Wow, if only we had a way of booking our similar trips together we could have gotten a great group rate!".


A few years ago I started to join social networking sites like MySpace & Facebook. They were fun, I guess...for a while...but I felt that most of the social sites didn't offer me anything in return for my membership. These sites did get my mind wondering again, however.  I soon heard that some of those sites had millions of members...and not a single member was ever offered a real benefit from their memberships.  I know that I never saved any money on any of those sites.


I thought the time was right to start a site of my own that would benefit all the members in some way. So I started building what you see today. It's a social network to find new friends, but more importantly its a place you can take a trip and get a big discount by joining with other members who have the same plans.


What you see here today is hopefully just the tip of an iceberg...I know for this site to work properly I will need lots of members.  That is because the more members that we have, the better your chances of saving money will be!


Promises To Our Members

Over the coming months and years as our membership numbers continue to grow you will see this site add features that no other social networking site or travel site has ever attempted!


We want EVERYONE who participates on this site to save money or benefit in some way.  Of course,this also depends on your help and support of the site.  We need to reach millions of people who have not heard of us.


Looking Foward


This site still has a long way to go to be the best that it can be...and we am well aware of that.  I see our this first release as the precursor to fulfilling my dream.  I have many other ideas and promises to keep to all my Members who believe in me and my site.  I sincerely hope that you will be as excited as I am about the future of Groupatrip.com and our goal of saving money, having fun sharing and re-inventing what a travel site can do.


I hope you will feel free to write me if you have other thoughts or opinions about this site and that you will enjoy the benefits and tools you will find here for years to come.


Brian Coughlin, CEO



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