02 Colton

Update Received April 2012: We are so happy to have Koda in our lives. When we met him, we knew he was the one. It was great seeing pictures of him online after we met him, but before we could take him home. We are grateful we were able to watch him progress from a newborn puppy via pictures to the big 26 lbs boy he is at home! He has adjusted so well to our home, and our cats adore him. We would describe Koda as sweet, cuddly, talkative, and spunky. Koda is so excited to meet new people and loves to be the center of attention, but he is also content to lay down (preferably under something) and chew his bones and play with his toys. Some of his favorite things are bones, stuffed animal squeaky toys, and listening to new sounds through Youtube videos. He also loves learning new tricks with his daddy. He recently graduated puppy class and preformed tricks for the class including a figure-eight through the legs and giving a high five. We are so glad we went through All Dog Rescue. Shelley was an amazing foster mom, and gave us so much information. Shelley let us know what days he should be seen by a vet for boosters, recommendations for socialization, and recommendations for training. We think Koda is going to be one amazing dog!

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