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Visiting Mary Louise Cook's Shares (account name: essenceofnature)
Let's Begin! -- modified by username essenceofnature at 2012-05-03 12:57 pm


                           Welcome and thank you for using Essence of Nature Health Coaching!


                                   ~Excellent health, fitness and happiness need not just be a memory~


Congratulations! You have just come upon an excellent opportunity for you to gain the support, direction and guidance you have been needing to achieve your health goals~  


                                                     Hello my friend, I am excited and honored to work with you! 

                                                         Realizing each person has their own expectations as to

                                                                        the health and fitness they desire,

                                                          I carefully 'custom' coach to each individual's needs.


I fully challenge and devote myself to help you achieve these endeavors through thoughtful, insightful and intelligent advice and support.

I have worked in the medical field for over twenty years and have studied natural and alternative health all my adult life. With great confidence,

nature has shown me to be the greatest healer. I believe the pharmaceutical companies have the world, including our doctors, brainwashed into believing taking a pill

is the quick fix cure to everything that isn't quite right with our health, then warns of of potentially lethal side effects of these medications. GMO's have found

their way into our food supply, this tragic story yet to unfold. Through consuming the foods naturally grown on earth, prepared into appetizing and

delicous combinations and recipies, basking in sunshine, gentle (or more, it is up to you) exercise that leads you fitness, strength and greater confidence. If you

have a desire to eat meat, as in a Paleo Diet, I can fully support you, or to go vegan...everyone is unique and I will customize a plan just for you. I have helped

many individuals and groups to gain vibrant health beyond their expectations.


Working together, utilizing many natural modalities, your goals can be realized and you will be on your way to achieve more and more of the wonderful potentials in your life. They are there...just waiting for you to begin $480.00 offers you 90 days to retrieve your health. This includes your personal plan to guide you towards success as well as frequent availability for one-on-one conversations via email keeping you supported, guided, on track and encouraged!


With frequent email communication, you will have ongoing assistance to aide you toward your targets. Ninety days...you will be a new you, and it will be a wonderful fun time and an adventure reaching your goals~  Each day of life is precious beyond measure, make the most of each and every one...






Start preparing your mind now to commit to new and excellent choice-making and follow through~  I will be there for you!



                              Your Personal Health Coach~ Mary Louise






Disclaimer: Review with your health plan with your personal physician before beginning any program.



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