ISAIAH 24-27

  1. What contemporary people can you think of that are models of repentence?
  2. What condition will the earth be in at and after the Day of the Lord?  How will Satan, as well as earth's inhabitants, be affected?
  3. What environmental concerns of our day are the result of man's failure to be good stewards of the Lord's earth?
  4. Where can God's people go as they encounter life's storms?  Describe a time when you experienced God as your refuge.
  5. How did God care for His people during other times of trial and judgment?  (see Gen 6-8; Ex 8:22-23;Josh 6:25; Ezra 9:8-9; Matt 16:18).
  6. What is God's promise about tough times in the future (see 1 Thess 1:10; 5:9).
  7. What significance is there in the feast (Is 25:6-9) that would give Christians hope?
  8. What is the key to peace in the midst of life's storms?  (read Is 26:3).
  9. In Hebrews 12:1-11, how does God use suffering as a discipline to purify us?
  10. What three declarations does Isaiah make that will help believers in the Day of the Lord?

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