Romantic Fun Things To Do on a Date
Romantic Dating is all about boyfriends and girlfriends getitng to know each other.  Have a great date!
  1. Start a new hobby together - it might last long beyond your first date. 
  2. For your date go on a hike in the woods.
  3. People watch at the Mall - not romantic, but it'll pass the time!
  4. Go explore some not developed Historical Sites.
  5. Window shop at the mall.
  6. Go to the Art Museum for your second date.
  7. Walk down a busy road eating M & M's and wave at the cars that are the
    same color as the M & M you just ate.
  8. Have a grass fight on your date.
  9. Volunteer at the library to do storytelling for a hour once a week.
  10. Play cops and robbers.
  11. Have a water balloon fight.
  12. Fly paper airplanes.
  13. Make a craft (finger painting, jewelry making, play dough).
  14. Play hopscotch in an empty parking lot.
  15. Play croquet in the dark using flashlights.
  16. Have a nerd contest. Set a five dollar limit and go to a thrift shop. Then go somewhere wearing the outfits you bought on your date.
  17. Go to a concert - great for early dates!
  18. Go to a theatre and watch a play. 
  19. Check out your favorite childhood books from the library and read them to each other.
  20. Go ice blocking (sliding down big hills on a large block of ice).
  21. Go fishing at a fish farm.
  22. Take a drive in a canyon or through a scenic area.
  23. Have a bonfire - you can burn memories of past bad dates!
  24. Climb trees.
  25. Play Charades.
  26. Sword fight with utensils.
  27. Go caroling, even if it isn't around Christmas.
  28. Play board games.
  29. Make a home video.
  30. Make snow sculptures.
  31. Build an igloo or fort.
  32. Go ice skating.
  33. Play video games together.
  34. Make presents for an upcoming birthday or holiday.
  35. Be a singing telegram service for friends on their birthday.
  36. Play balloon volleyball inside with yarn for a net.
  37. Go on a picnic.
  38. Go on a prearranged scavenger hunt to the Mall.
  39. Go on a Video Scavenger hunt.
  40. Play a new sport together.
  41. Cook dinner together.
  42. Dance together.
  43. Go to an amusement park.
  44. Paint a picture together.
  45. Go to the batting cages.
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