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 AdBlock for Browsers

I hate ads so I found a way to block them. I first discovered it in an Apple application for Safari several months ago. I kept hoping someone would do one for Firefox as it's the browser I use more than Safari. BTW, you can use Safari on a Windows/PC machine and from what I've heard from friends, they love it. Much better than Internet Explorer and much, much faster. We have 4 Apple Macs in this house and 2 PCs, but we rarely ever use the PCs for anything on the internet, just for hubs' work. AdBlock will block ads on websites and blogs. I know people have to make money and can do so on their blogs but that doesn't mean I want to be captive to them. So using AdBlock eliminates most of those ads. It works on websites very well. Try it if you like and spread the word.

Anyway, I'm going to share with you how to eliminate most ads on any browser you may be using—Safari, Firefox (which is really a Mozilla Project browser when Mozilla took over Netscape). I'm making this short for you.

If you want AdBlock, it is shareware. In other words, you can use it for free if you want but the developer doesn't get paid and he's less likely to keep it up to date if he can't make a living at it. I've sent him a few bucks, which is all he requests and I recommend you be kind and do the same.

AdBlock for Safari is here.

AdBlock for Firefox is here.

AdBlock for Chrome is here.

AdBlock for Facebook is here.

You can also get it to block Youtube ads, but I'll let you figure that one out on your own. It depends on your browser. Just Google "AdBlock for Youtube" and watch the videos on it.

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