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 Journal #3 Reflection Prompts

After you have completed all of the Personal Development Workbook sections, please reflect on your experience here.  Utilize as much space as needed and re-save the document with your edits to your My Course Documents folder. 


What specific actions will you take to complete your goal/s and what criteria will you use to determine and measure your success along the way?



What did you learn about goal planning using the SWOT analysis? 



What did you find useful using the PEST analysis? 



How were you able to determine the potential barriers to formulate appropriate contingency plans?



In what ways did you find the personal skills audit useful and in what ways did these results relate to formulating your plan?



How are SMART goals relevant personally and in developing assessment tools for your classroom?



Finally, reflect about the ways goal planning is different when the goal is not expressly provided and provide an thoughtful analysis of what does and does not workbest for you in determining your personal action plan.

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