Intramural Information (copy)


Intramural Information



Single Day Events:
 Single day events come around twice per year. Usually once in the Fall semester and then a slightly altered version in the Spring. They are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise specified. These events may be rescheduled or cancelled for certain  circumstances. Single day Events must be completed on their respected day whether it was reschedule or still on the original day. Single day events are usually individual events however they can have doubles and sometimes even team based events. In order for teams to receive year points for these events they must have at least one person from their year long roster to compete in the event. However additional points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The winner also receives a T-Shirt.



Points for Single Day Events


Placements Points
1st 100 points
2nd 50 points
3rd 25 points
Participation 15 points



Season Based Events: Season based events are available once per year. They are team based games with any where from 9 to 12 people on the field, court, pool, etc. Recommended Roster size is anywhere from 12 to 15 people with. Each team will get to play 10 games unless underlying circumstances occur such as multiple rescheduling or cancellations. At the end of the season There will be a double elimination playoff system. In order to win the championship you must go undefeated. So first loss will put you into the losers bracket while still allowing your team a chance at 3rd or 4th place. For team based events it is rsecommended that you have your own team T-shirts otherwise anyone who is not wearing similar color shirts must wear pinnies. If two teams have the same color shirts then they both must wear the pinnies. Sportsmanship is crucial in the team sports. If the head official at the time deems something unsportsman like a loss of points will be issued. Playoff seeding is based off the amount of points your team has at the end of the season. 



Points for Season Events


Placements Points
1st 1000 points
2nd 500 points
3rd 250 points
4th 100 points
participation 50 points
win 50 points
tie 20 points
loss 0 points
forfeit - 50 points

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