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 Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches
Start Right Out With Loving Obedience to Jesus' Basic Commands
"To plant churches in pioneer field, aim for each community to have a group of believers in Christ committed to obey His commands...the more you add to it, the harder it will be for the churches you start to reproduce.  We asked our converts to memorize the following list of Christ's basic commands:
1.  Repent and believe:  Mark 1:15
2.  Be baptized (and continue in the new life it initiates): Matt 28:18-20; Acts 2:38; Rom 6:1-11
3.  Love God and neighbor in a practical way:  Matt 22:37-40
4.  Celebrate the Lord's Supper:  Luke 22:17-20
5.  Pray:  Matt 6:5-15
6.  Give:  Matt 6:19-21
7.  Disciple others: Matt 28:18-20
"Memorize them: you can neither be nor make obedient disciples unless they are basic to your Christian experience.  They are the ABCs of both discipling and church planting."
Missionary or not, one can multiply disciples doing these for simple things:
1.  Know and love the people you disciple.
2.  Mobilize your disciples to edify immediately those they are discipling.
3.  Teach and practice obedience to Jesus' basic commands, in love, before and above all else.
4.  Build loving, edifying accountability relationships between disciples and churches in order to reproduce churches.
-by George Patterson, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

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7:28 am
Richard Carr (richard)
Thanks Kathy for putting this up!
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