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Mrs. Geonnotti's Classroom





Welcome to Mrs. Geonnotti's 8th Grade Classroom!


In this classroom, you will be prepared for your secondary career. Through analyses of intriguing literature, complex writing assignments, public speaking exercises, and thorough, challenging assessments, you will finish your elementary years knowing that you are well-prepared for the road ahead of you. Here's to a wonderful year together, 8th grade!




Summer Reading Assignment


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ELA First Trimester


The first trimester at StJP will be dedicated to laying the groundwork for a challenging and prosperous school year. First, the 8th grade class will focus on the non-fiction genre of Autobiographical Narratives.  By reading Frederick Douglass and Mark Twain, and then eventually, the real-life inspired fictional work of Harper Lee, the students will learn the distinct connection between history and literature as well as study the key techniques used in personal storytelling. 


Whilst digesting the narrative readings, the students will review complex sentence formation as well as the six key aspects of vivid writing and imagery. The class will then practice these lessons by creating a Halloween Tale and their own Personal Narrative.  In a few short months, the 8th grade class will be prepared for the next step in their 8th grade journey!





RELIGION First Trimester




As students grow older, it is becoming increasingly important for them to acquire a greater appreciation for their faith. In order to do so, they must become witness to the challenges, milestones, losses, and successes that our great church has faced over the past 2,000 years. This trimester, the students will ponder on the purpose of the church, its roots, leaders, calendar, and our place in its history.


Along with these studies, the students will also be researching the lives of our Saints, discussing the church's current events, creating a unique and informative Advent Calendar, and participating in our original Morality Mondays, which will discuss the issues that face our youth today. 


Throughout the year, the students will also be visited by Generation Life. This experience will truly touch the minds, hearts, and souls of all of our students.

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