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Minutes for band meeting 2 - 28th August 2012

General meeting - 28th August 2012

  • Different meetings with each theme (dancers) what designs colours styles etc 



 IOK - Isle of Kes  - THEME IDEA  - play on words in 3 ways ( Isle of Kes, I love kes and the final IOK as in I’m ok but in “Trini Vibes” I Okay  


LOOK on and offstage

The general theme will have variations of it. 

  • Flexible 
  • wasn’t smt that everyone seemed to feel naturally. What ever it is once its natural and can easily come through that you don’t have to remind yourself of. - Riad 


Shorts - signature look

Merchandise that people want to buy 



Start planning the show section wise 

  • fast soca, island pops,
  • find different aspects of international shows that could be applied to us
  • Think like DJs in terms of reading the crowd - Rikki


Kes seems to be keen on the coconut and rum for stress away. 


RIKKI - intros build up to what ever the first song is. “Change gears” 


Old soca, use it to pay tribute to people rather than just to mash up a party 



Video effects to create intro 

Feather flags 


Island vibe have a pic/ video that goes on for a bit of the show. Use the scenery to help build the vibe. 


*** Pioneer 4000 DVD player  - ( Look into this equipment for playing video and DVDS) 



The intro and the starting is the one of the focus points of the show 

  • make it solid so that we could switch it up a bit 
  • GO ALL OUT ON THE INTRO - everything else should fall into place
  • how we look must stand out


Jeanel Monea - the presentation of the show.


Wire lighting as props - just so the whole thing doesn’t have to be made.



The list sent to promotors will include to pictures on it  ( security issue) 

  • Going to gigs to prepare for shows - keep it so its just band. Simon wants to make it so we just do the gig and get out just to keep a level of professionalism. 

Beach themes

  • Umbrellas, beach balls, deck chairs, coconuts etc 
  • Could use the wire light idea to go along with the keyboards so that it looks like they

  are at the bar. 

- Candice really thinks props are importance and we can't have the full impact without them. 



Set up of the band on stage. 

Put the band on risers in a straight line 

Risers - want to try have these in shows - Want this to be the ideal look of the show 


“we’re not just going to stand for anything, but we’ll still make it known what we want.” 


Talk to the promoters and make it known that the risers and straight look was talked about. 


Stay real to what carnival is with respect to the theme, keep a relaxed look or a confrontational look. 


Rikki - wants to change up the format of his keyboards the reverse effect. 



incorporate a section of them into the shows, 

certain elements of the show they can’t stay on. 



  • They want changes to the fog. Amounts of the fog lessen it 



  • Lime on stage we can’t allow this 
  • DJs can’t really stay on stage and “lime” 




Timers for events so we know how much time is left after shows 


Tech crew, setting up, running videos without audio. So it preps people from what is to come..

continue looking for a space and then look at it...


Tech riders updates - sending the right ones and making sure promoters have the most updated etc. 

DJ Amy’s thought: Hey guys what you do think of the saying “KESational” a spin off of sensational. We could use this maybe for a show name, or theme even. In that we could put it across so that our show is so amazing and thrilling, it engages and stimulates each sense of the audience and leaves them wowed - as sensational experience however since were KES its KESational. 

We could even incorporate it in to other themes to make it a signature line of ours. So whoever opens the show could be like “welcome to (name of show) prepare for a KESational experience. Lights dim, drum roll, lights come back on show starts or something super cool. 


Tell me you thoughts on this. Feel free to say you hate it. 



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