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Visiting Randall Ritchey's Shares (account name: randyr9)
RS Reference Email

The following email was sent to me 10/25/2010...


My daughters, Kori & Kelsi, had taken pitching lessons for four years with another coach and were both decent pitchers before they started working with Randy Ritchey. Randy Ritchey taught them several key mechanics that made them better pitchers almost immediately. Kori's comment after her first lesson was "he makes it so easy".

He taught them different pitches at a pace that I did not think was possible. Kori was able to use her drop ball pitch in a game the day after Randy Ritchey showed it to her. His knowledge of the pitches and the different grips that can be used with each pitch allows him to find a way for every girl to throw each pitch. They both have command of all the pitch types and Kelsi can throw them all at two or more speeds. Kori dominates with speed and movement. While Kelsi baffles the batters with movement and speed changes. Kelsi is the "spin master".

Randy  Ritchey not only showed them how to throw pitches. He taught them and me pitching strategy. Both Kori and Kelsi led their 16U teams to berths at the ASA 16A National Championship tournaments. Their High School team took 2nd place in the Washington State 4A Championship tournament.

Both girls earned scholarships to play softball at Division I colleges, Working with Randy Ritchey was the single biggest reason they were able to earn those scholarships.

I highly recommend Randy Ritchey as a pitching coach.

Randy Seidlitz - Manager 14u Washington Blaze Intensity

Cell Phone - 206-200-2947

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