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Visiting Randall Ritchey's Shares (account name: randyr9)
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The following is an email sent to me 11/08/2010...


We met Randy Ritchey in the summer of 2007. I must say there was an immediate connection of the “teacher/student” relationship. She was age 11 and had just started on her first Select Softball team with the Washington Blaze Black team.


Within a couple of months Kat started moving her ball around and went to 4 pitches. Through out the following years she now has 3 change ups, a curve and a drop curve, screw ball (my favorite), the rise still in progress and the bomb, drop ball. This may sound like a lot of normal stuff that any pitcher should be throwing after 3 ½ yrs with one coach, maybe so but at 107 lbs and 5”3” that’s pretty good stuff. Oh yeah, the fast ball has hit 62 mph too. One last feather in the cap, as a freshman she was the starting pitcher for her high school team, won state (big league) and took third place in the West Coast regionals in Palmdale California throwing against 18 and 19 year old girls.


Randy’s style, composure and shear dedication to my daughter is not going to be easy to replace. Kat always had a smile on her face and when she had a bad night Randy would smile and say “ we’ll get ‘em next time”. His demeanor and compassion for the game is beyond exemplary. To this point our loss is your total gain. Good luck to Randy Ritchey and all of his student’s!



Bill Balyeat



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