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Welcome to The Daily Protector information page!!


Our mission is to report the news of our school and community effectively and thoroughly with the best writing we can do.


2014-15 School Year--Our Third Year of bringing news to the StJP community using an online blog!



******Our first meeting of the 14-15 school year will be Wednesday, September 17th! Reporters and editors should come with an old notebook and a pen or pencil. We will be brainstorming on article ideas and breaking out into groups managed by our editors.******


This year, we are meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, at lunchtime (12:20-1:00), in the Spanish Room (Room 101). All students in grades 5-8 are welcome to attend. Bring your lunch to the meeting!



-Editors: Students in grades 7 and 8 who are willing to take on a leadership role for our paper. Your responsibilities include: being a regular staff writer, editing copy for younger writers, and managing the younger writers at our meetings when we break into groups. 


-Staff Writers/Illustrators

Writers are welcome to write articles on any topic which interests them. Please scroll down and use the checklist below as a guideline when submitting articles. Our articles are posted online. A link to a slideshow explaining the process, complete with screenshots, is also below. Any questions? Contact Mrs. Cipolla @ news@stjpschool.org.


Regular Columnists: Student writers who are willing to cover a specific topic such as school events, interviewing students/teachers, what is happening in the classrooms, sports, etc.


Creative Writers: Do you like to write stories or poems? Your original work is welcome! TDP has had students who have written stories in installments. 


Illustrators: Must be willing to work with a writer to capture an image for a specific article. Work must be done on white paper, outlined in marker, and submitted to Mrs. C. for approval.


Photographers: Pictures make our online articles look more professional. See Mrs. Cipolla if you are interested in being a staff photographer. There are school camera available for your use.


-Ideas: How can we make our paper better? How do we get more followers? Your creativity is needed!





Be a Leader and a Follower!


Become a Leader---join our staff in reporting news to the StJP community and beyond! All you need is an idea and a username. Keep on reading this page for details!


Become a TDP Follower: Read the lastest articles in The Daily Protector?


-On our homepage, in the sidebar, is a prompt that asks if you want to become a follower.

-Click on it. Word Press will ask for an email address. They will then send you an email verifying that you want to be a follower.

-Every time a new article is posted to our blog, you will receive an email with the blog in it! This way you can keep up to date on all the new articles on our paper.




 Slideshow on How to Become a Reporter: (click on the link below)




How to become a StJP Reporter

1. Think about the topics that interest you. Right now we have these catagories of articles: In the News, StJP Life, Literary Corner, Features, Sports. 

2. Write your article online or on paper. Follow the steps in the slideshow to write and submit your article.

3. Be sure to sign your name to the article! We only use first names and last initial, plus your grade level.

4. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. C at news@stjpschool.org.


How to Become a Staff Photographer

  1. Word Press will not allow Contributors to post images to the website, but you can submit them to the Image Libary. Follow the prompts on the blog page to load your images. Then, email Mrs. C. to let her know that the picture is there!! A picture should accompany an article...remember we are a NEWS blog!
  2. OR  Email your photograph to news@stjp.org as an attachment.
  3. In your subject line, title your photo.
  4. In the body of the email, please write a caption that goes with the picture. Identify any students by their first names!!! Also note if your picture is to accompany an article.
  5. Mrs. Cipolla will upload the images to the website and give you credit for the photo. Example: photo by Olivia S



 If you have written a story or article, use the checklist below as a guideline before submitting your work. Remember, it should be your best work. Be as descriptive as possible. Two or three sentences do not make an interesting article!



Writer's Checklist

  • Are you as descriptive as possible?
  • Did you nclude a snappy headline that will grab your reader?
  • Did you include important details such as dates, time, location of events?
  • Did you get a quote from someone who attended or participated in the event you are covering?
  • For interviews, did you have at least 5 basic question that may lead you to learn more about your subject?
  • Did you read your work out loud when you have finished your article? Try reading your work to your parents! Often, you can find your errors when you hear them.
Remember...you are representing your school in a very visible way! Give us your best work!!



Questions or ideas on news articles? Email Mrs. C. at news@stjpschool.org.





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