10 Channing


Update Received September 2013:Channing is doing so well here. She is happy and we are so happy to have her. She is a little bit spoiled and she shares a love of fine cuisine with her Auntie Sara, who is Culinary Institute of America trained chef. Chef Sara makes Channing special meals. I have attached a photograph of Channing with a Peke Plate (Small Plate) Dinner of fresh pan-fried trout from the farmers market and sides. Thank you All Dog Rescue and foster Patti for gifting us with Empress Channing!

Update Received November 2012: Channing is doing very well and is snoozing next to my chair in the library as I type. She fits in well with our lifestyle and when I arrive home after running errands she barks and wags joyously along with Mini. She is very adamant about her food schedule and does not care to take daylight savings time into consideration. 


We discovered that she loves beef. When I cook any dish with beef in it she is entirely underfoot. When my husband is eating his favorite snack, beef jerky, she loses her inhibition and literally climbs up on him and gets right into his face. She loves John and I both, but prefers to cuddle with him the most. I joke with John that he stole my dog, again! I say that because I had a Pomeranian for a decade before we married, but after we were married she became his dog. She was his dog until she passed away in her elder years.  


Channing has already been on an unofficial visit to the vet to meet Dr. Stein. We had to pick up Mini from her teeth cleaning and we dropped off Channing's medical records too. Everyone thought she was beautiful. She sat regally on the floor and allowed the staff to pet her. That was a milestone! In the short time we've had her we have been working very hard to help her find peace with being picked up, and with being held, and with being petted. Every day is better than the last.


Thank you so much for all of your hard work saving doggies!


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