11 Scarlet

Update Received December 2012:  Thank you for allowing us to adopt Scarlet. We had been looking at the websites for many different rescues and were really interested in Scarlet. When we found out someone else was scheduled to meet her we were disappointed. My boys left for the weekend thinking she was adopted by someone else. The call came in about 1 hour after they left that she was still available. I meet with the foster parent and Scarlet and fell in love. When they returned on that Sunday they were very excited to see her here. Since we adopted Scarlet in November she has been doing great. You were right when you said she did not need much training. She has been a well behaved puppy. She does not bark to at people or to get attention. She will "growl talk" and wag her tail sometimes when she gets really excited. She does not beg for food, and when you give her a treat she will take it very gently.

She was a little bit nervous about walking across our wood floors at our place and would only sit on the couch when she first got here. We put blankets down that made a full circle around our lower level so she could get used to it the house. At one point when we were moving the blankets further apart she was eating with three paws on the wood floor and one back paw still firmly on the blanket. The only room she is still hesitant to go fully into is the kitchen.

She gets to go to the dog park regularly with my brother and Yukon (Alaskan malamute). They have a lot of friends there and are usually playing all the time. We are looking forward to the spring and summer when she will join us at soccer and baseball games. She likes to be next to you but not always on top of you. We love her expressive eyes, her short nose and that cute crooked under bite. We have been blessed to get such a great girl and we love her very much. She is a great addition to our family.

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