03 Gus

September 2013:  I've been meaning to send an update on how Abel (formerly Gus) is doing. We think he is just the best dog in the world. We've made it out to quite a few dog-friendly festivals this summer, and he constantly gets complimented on his good looks!

He loves to play fetch at the dog park more than anything. We go for walks and runs to keep exercise interesting, but he always tries to head for the dog park afterward, no matter how tired he seemed before. Abel has also loved having family members come visit this summer. He has a neat trick where he can let himself into any room, and he is really good at surprising guests who don't expect a visitor in their room every morning. He pretty much adores everybody indiscriminately.

I'm not sure he will ever grow into his ears, but he has definitely gotten taller over the past few months. I bet he will be thrilled to see it get cooler!

March 2013:  We just wanted to let you know that Gus is doing very well! He is quickly settling in and becoming less and less timid about his surroundings. He just loves meeting all the dogs that live in the area and joining them for a few laps around the dog park despite the snow and ice. We've had a lot of fun playing with toys and learning to fetch too. We are going to the vet next week and starting obedience training on Saturday, so lots to look forward to (or maybe not so much with the vet...). Hope you are having a good week. We definitely are!

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