03 Bailey

Update Received June 2013:  Just thought I'd send another update. Baily is doing great, she lost all the extra weight and has turned into a fetching fool. She loves the water! We didn't even know she loved to swim until the weather warmed up. When she gets too hot she'll just lay down and pant. If she can jump in the water though, she'll run forever. When she gets a tennis ball, or a stick, she trots around like she is queen of the universe. She is a terrible theif, and will steal tennis balls and sticks from other dogs whenever she can. She loves being chased, and leading small packs of dogs on epic obstical courses she makes up on the spot. Over trees, under vines, weaving between other dogs and people. She's really good at faking other dogs out too. She is so funny. I sent some pictues of her from the dog park by minihaha falls. We've started going to this park every weekend. So fun! Thanks again for helping us find such a great doggy. Oh, she started obedience classes last week - she is a very quick learner.

March 2013:  Bailey has been a busy girl, and I've been on spring break this week so I've gotten to really bond with her. My husband is jealous. (heehee) She has taken three car rides; one to Chuck and Don's to get dog food and a kennel (where several folks approached us to pet her and she did great!), and an hour long drive to the cabin to help us paint. She is so mild mannered and well behaved. My stepmother started referring to Bailey as "the cabin dog" and suggested (jokingly) that we let her and my dad keep Bailey.

Bailey's favorite treat so far is peanut butter frozen in her Kong. She is learning to heel on leash (lots of progress in just a few days!!!) and to "roll over" which she has done perfectly three times so far. She is getting better at "drop" with her tennis ball when we play fetch - and she just loves to run and search for the ball in the snow. She is also learning how to "wait" before crossing the street, getting meals, or going inside/outside on her leash. She has a blanket that goes with her in the car, and on the bed at night. She seems to understand that the blanket is "hers" because she perks up and follows whenever one of us picks it up to move it. Her favorite spot is on the end of the bed, where she can look out the front window of the house and watch people and cars go by. We also started playing hide-and-seek-fetch with a tennis ball in the house. She loves trying to find me and just gets so excited.


Our fluffy cat, Oblik, has turned out to be the most dominant of the four legged family members. Oblik has revealed a surprisingly wide vocal range every time Bailey gets within a couple feet. Little does she know that she is cute when she's mad. Bailey has been very respectful of the kitties and their personal space. They most she's done is perk her ears and look at them like they are aliens. Our other kitty, Sputnik, just watches all the action from a high perch, looking very much like an elegant statue (which is her typical behavior). Every day they all get a little more comfortable with each other. My guess is they'll be snuggling in a month.


We're thinking about starting obedience training in the summer. I just got her a 3 year license, and once it goes through I'll get the permit for the doggy parks. I'm excited to check out the parks with her, and let her burn off some energy. I'd love to do some fancy Frisbee training with her, and they offer summer classes at one of the places I looked at in the folder you gave us. She is certainly smart enough and loves fetch or anything that is a game.


We have a close friend who also has a blue heeler, and we are coordinating a doggy date so they can meet and romp around together. I want to train Bailey to heel with my bicycle eventually, which is my main mode of transportation in the summer months. When we go walking and we turn a corner, we are practicing "left" and "right" with the hope that later on she'll pick that up with the bicycle. That is pretty much all we have to report for the time being. Thanks for helping us find the right dog for our family!

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