Instructions for Online Calendar/LTN Kitchen Volunteer
Attached are the simple steps to get you started:
Step 1.  Go to:
Step 2.  From top right hand corner, CLICK on LOG IN
Step 3:  Member Log in Page
              Account Name: lovethyneighbor
              Password: kitchen1
              Click on "SECURE SIGN IN"
Step 4:  After clicking on SECURE SIGN IN, you will be directed to the next page. Click on CALENDARS 
               on top left of this page.   
Step 5: You should now be at the LOVE THY NEIGHBOR APRIL 2013 CALENDAR
              Go to the date of the month you wish to volunteer and click anywhere within the 'date box'
Step 6:  A pop up will appear
              Type in your name, after the last volunteer's name.  If you are the first - GREAT!
              At the top right of the pop-up, click on 'save'
Step 7: Complete other dates/months,  OR
Step 8: Log Out (Top Right Corner)

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