05 Reba

Update Received September 2013:  I just wanted to send you an update of Sophie. She is 6 months old now and 57lbs! She is becoming a big and happy girl. Sophie really is a joy to be around and she is making a lot of doggie and human friends. We are so happy we adopted her from All Dog Rescue! Keep up with the great work!

Update Received May 2013:  Sophie is doing really well! She is growing really well and she is going to be a big girl. She also has met a lot of people already and made some doggie friends. We are starting puppy school in the first week of June so that should be fun. =) I also attached some recent photos of Sophie in this email. Her next vet visit isn't until middle of June, so we'll see how big she will be by then. Thanks for checking in and I hope you and rest of the All Dog Rescue team have a wonderful summer!

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