05 Jill

Update Received June 2013: As an update, Pippa is doing amazing! Although she was listed as a “special needs” dog, you’d never know it by how well she is doing.  Her megaesophogus is under good control and we are having no issues with that.  We started obedience training and it's going very well. The trainer thinks she'd  be a good therapy dog! The cats have all come around and Pippa tries to play with them, but they don't quite get how to "play dog". We've also dubbed the crazy running around she does as "rocket dog." We do lots of fun rocket dog and swimming at the St. Croix River.  At the end of the day, we indulge in lots and lots of snuggling.  She is the snuggliest dog ever!  In short, she is awesome!

Update Received May 2013:  Things are still well! We went swimming yesterday and there was an awesome dead fish to roll in! We are establishing a nice morning ritual of playing ball in the back yard around 6:00. Its a nice time of day to burn off a little doggy energy while the chickens are still cooped up from overnight. I've attached a few pictures of her in the morning sun. We've decided to rename her Pippa. It seems to suit her energy and enthusiasm! She has some goofball in her for sure! Which is perfect since our family motto is you have to be a goofball to live in our house. Also, I've attached her feeding platform directly to the wall. Saves some space and gives her her own spot. Finally, we have begun some basic training on sit, stay, and heel. She is a quick learner. I think we will be ready to start some leash training soon. She needs to learn not to pull ( as you know). In short, she is doing awesome and we all love her! I can't believe someone didn't snatch her up before now!

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