Here are some important

notes about the schedule:

  • TRG = class at Tabula Rasa Gallery 8918 First St., Baroda, MI  49101, cross street Lemon Creek
  • "Burn Off the Weekend, Balance the New Week" class - Mondays 9-10:15am taught by Greta Hurst
  • "Yin Yasa" class Fridays 9-10:15am taught by Greta Hurst
  • TRG Class Fees $15 for 75 minutes, Walk-Ins welcome!
  • Private classes available: Gallery $50-$60/75 min.; $75/75 min. your home/location
  • Contact Greta with any questions via Contact link, or 773-972-1786
  • We welcome your feedback and requests!
  • Gift Certificates available for group classes at $15 and private classes starting at $50

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