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We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child and make it a fun, pleasant experience for all of us.   The following information should be helpful now and as the year progresses.  If you have any additional procedural questions that cannot be answered by the school manual which is on-line, or this packet, please feel free to contact us.  This information is under Class Information on the website.




     Religion: The Blessed Trinity, the Church, Sacraments, the Mass, Mary, the Liturgical Year, Special Saints’ Feast Days

     Math:  Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data (time, money, graphing, etc.), Geometry/Fractions. 

     English Language Arts:  Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening (including grammar--sentences, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs), Reading/Comprehension Skills, Writing Process, Handwriting

     Other:  Science/Social Studies (integrated into the curriculum, but not graded), Physical Education,  

              Art, Library, Music, Spanish and Technology





HW will be written in the Homework Assignment Book.  The Homework Book should be signed by the parent/guardian each night.  It is not necessary to sign each page of homework as long as it has been reviewed.  It will be normal for your child to need some help, however, if you feel he/she is having more difficulty than you’re comfortable with, please write a note in the HW book.  We review the HW book and stamp it each morning.  Homework is an assessment and will be a part of your child’s grade.  Each subject begins with 100 points per trimester; 5 points will be deducted for missed/skipped/

incomplete homework and will be completed during recess.  Certainly, there are exceptions to this but we will need a note from you.  We are trying to make the children responsible for their own work and to take ownership for their actions. 


TESTING:   We have been asked not to give tests on Monday and we honor that as much as possible. You will be given ample notice of tests via the Homework Copybook.  Sometimes we give a Math test on Mondays since it is a subject that you don’t ‘study’ for.  All graded tests will be sent home in the test folder.  Please sign and return them the next day.  If a test is scheduled and we’re off due to inclement weather, the test will be given the following school day. 


LATENESS/ABSENCES:    If you are late, please bring your child to the office, obtain a late pass, then walk your child to the front door of the lower building and have him/her walk to the classroom.  Due to security reasons, we ask that you do not come up to the classroom.  Thank you.  If your child is absent, please send a note to school when he/she returns stating the reason for the absence.  Also, don’t forget to call Child Check!                                        










Sticker Book:  Each child has a sticker book.   Stickers are given out both as a class (i.e., excellent behavior during church, fire drills, etc) and individually (i.e., exceptional manners/kindness), for completing daily do, etc.  This form of praise works very well as children are very good mentors to their peers.   A prize is given out for every ten stickers.


We also use a “Traffic Signal” for classroom management.  Every child starts on green each morning.  If a child is distracting or breaks a class rule, he/she moves her named clothespin to yellow.  If the behavior stops, they move back to green; if it continues they move to red.  Yellow gives them an opportunity to change their behavior and therefore is not recorded.  If they reach red, we will send a note via the HW book.  Please discuss the situation with your child.  If the particular behavior problem is recurring, we will contact you for further discussion.



Daily Notes/E-Mail:   You may send in notes with your child, contact us through the office, or by e-mail.  Our e-mail addresses are mcooney@stjpschool.info   and    mhughes@stjpschool.info  .  You may also access this address by using the Saint Luke Website.  The best way to contact us is e-mail – we try to look at it several times a day.


Conferences:    Initial conferences will be scheduled at the end of October.  If you should have concerns throughout the year and need to speak with either of us, please contact us and we can schedule a conference at a mutually convenient time.


We look forward to working with you and your child.  Together we know we can create a learning experience that is both enriching and fun!




            Mrs. Maggie Cooney           and              Mrs. Maria Hughes








Dear Parents,

Top of the evening!  We hope you have a wonderful March—may you find your pot of gold!  See Terra Nova details on bottom of this Newsflash.


Religion:   Our students who are members of Immaculate Conception and Our Lady Help of Christians Parishes have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  This week our students who are members of St Luke Parish will receive their First Sacrament of Reconciliation on Wednesday at 7 pm; children need to be in church by 6:45pm. Thank you for all of your support in preparing the children for this special sacrament.  Please continue to support and encourage them to receive this sacrament often.  During this month of March we will begin learning about the Mass in preparation for First Holy Communion.  If you have not sent in any information needed for First Holy Communion, please send in asap. (i.e , date choice for St. Luke’s Parish).  We will also continue the chapters associated with the Holy Season of Lent and Easter.   


ILA:   During the month of March we will continue Theme 4 called Imagine That. In this theme the children learn how imagination and creativity help people solve problems and express ideas.  They find that if you have an active imagination, surprises are everywhere!


Math:  We will be completing Chapter 11 on Time and Money.  We will begin Chapter 9 Length.  This chapter covers both the Customary and Metric systems.  Please continue working on basic addition and subtraction facts.


Book Report:  We hope the kids are enjoying their Biography Report.  The reports are due by Wednesday, March 13 but are welcome any time before.



Calendar:       March 4-8        Terra Nova Testing                              March 13   Biography Report Due

                     March 6           Reconciliation @ 7:00 pm                      March 19   Report Cards

                     March 11         3rd Trimester begins- WOW                   March 27   Noon Dismissal   

                     March 11         No School-Faculty Mtg                        March 28-April 2 Easter Break         

                                                                                                  April 3 – Classes Resume


TERRA NOVA TESTING:  The only thing we ask for testing this week is to have a supply of sharpened #2 pencils, a good eraser, and plenty of rest.   Homework will be very light- reviewing for Penance, studying math facts, and working on their biography reports! 


            Monday – Reading

            Tuesday – Language

            Wednesday – Math

            Thursday – Science and Spelling

            Friday – Social Studies




  As always, any issues/concerns, please let us know.




Mrs. Maggie Cooney                         Mrs. Maria Hughes













Dear Parents,




Well, since we are writing this prior to Punxsutawney Phil’s debut for 2012, we will make our own prediction.  Although it has been an unpredictable winter, we’re still hoping that “SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!”   We do have to admit, though, we would like one SNOW DAY in February (maybe the 15th or 19th for an extra long weekend!




 FYI, we will need each child to bring in 1 shoebox for their Valentine’s cards. We need this in by Thursday, Feb. 7.




Math:   We will be going into adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers next week.  This will involve regrouping in both the ones and tens columns.  Once through this chapter, we will jump ahead in our book to time and money.  Get your clocks and wallets ready!




ILA/Writing/Social Studies/Science:  We will complete Theme 3 next week.  Our bean seeds are doing well, some are ready to be planted in soil!  We have been keeping a journal about their progress in our Writing Ducks and will write a paragraph about Our Seed to Plant in the next couple of weeks!  Our 4th theme is called “Imagine That” which includes stories where kids learn how their imagination and creativity help solve problems and express ideas.  Skills included are pronouns, adjectives (describing words), comparison words, suffixes, plurals (f to v) and ou, oi, oo dipthongs.  This is a fun theme--we pack a lot of learning into the next two months--we’ll also be talking about some famous inventors, presidents, and famous Black Americans for Black History Month, which brings us to…


Biography Book Report:   This won’t happen until the beginning of March, look for details next week under separate cover.   The kids really enjoy doing this – and we love the presentations.




Religion:  We have been practicing what the children will be saying when they make their first confession and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  The Form for First Reconciliation is taped into the back cover of the Red Duck, the Act of Contrition is in the front cover.  They will need to recite the Act of Contrition and their part of the Form for Reconciliation for us by themselves.  This will be counted as part of their Religion grade.  Thank you for your help in preparing them for this important sacrament.  Reconciliation is Wednesday, February 27 for Immaculate Conception Parish and Wednesday, March 6 for St. Luke the Evangelist Parish.  








Valentine Party:  Please send in a shoebox.   We will decorate them and fill them with our Valentines.  The boxes can be sent in now so we can decorate them on Friday, Feb. 8; Valentines can be brought in on the 13th or 14th.  We will have a small Valentine exchange on the 14th!  If you are making Valentines, we ask that you include everyone in the classroom (not necessary to include both classes).  Through the years there have been hurt feelings due to selective giving.  We’ll be in touch with Homeroom Moms to ask for help for a little party.






Don’t forget those Boxtops!










Fri., 2/1:                  First Friday Mass

Wed., 2/13:             Ash Wednesday

Thurs., 2/14:           Valentine’s Party

Mon., 2/18:              No School – President’s Day

Fri., 2/22:                 Penny Party






            Mrs. Maggie Cooney              Mrs. Maria Hughes






Terra Nova practice test will be taken on 3/1; Testing will begin Monday, March 4.  These tests do not count as part of their grade and there is nothing for you to do except to make sure they have enough sleep each night and have sharpened No. 2 pencils.  Homework will be light that week, although we will be proceeding with Math and Religion. 

















                                                                        January 8, 2012

Dear Parents,


BELATED WELCOME BACK!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  It is hard to believe we are in January – and to think we only have about 12 weeks before Easter vacation.  Something to look forward to!  We would like to thank each of you for your generous gift given through the Home & School Association. 


Math:  We are finishing up Chap 5: Subtraction.  We should be testing the children on this next week.  Our next ‘strand’ of the Core Curriculum Standards is:  Data - How to do tally charts, pictographs and bar graphs to help  solve problems.  We will continue practicing and reviewing with Math Maintenance.  Please continue to study the addition and subtraction facts that are in their Math Duck copybook. 


Religion/Reconciliation:     We have begun working on Chapters 8 through 12 in preparation for Reconciliation, beginning with learning about the Bible and continuing with the Commandments, sin/forgiveness and the script we’ll be using for the actual evening of Reconciliation.  We will also be studying our Lenten chapter, which ties in with Reconciliation preparation.

Reconciliation for Immaculate Conception Parish is Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 7 pm.  Reconciliation for St. Luke the Evangelist Parish is Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7 pm. The children have been reciting the Act of Contrition as our end-of-school daily prayer since the beginning of school.  As we get closer to that date, each child will be responsible for reciting this prayer to us on a 1:1 basis as part of their Religion grade for the 2nd trimester.  Remember, a copy of this prayer is in their Religion Duck copybook.  There will be a Form for First Reconciliation in their Red Duck as we get closer to Reconciliation and will be assigned for homework at times.  


ELA/Writing:  We have begun Theme 3, Our World.   Our first story is Johnny Appleseed. We are sure you have already heard all about it. We will perform the play for the 1st Grade and Kindergarten classes this Friday.  The children should bring in costumes by Thursday.  Nothing fancy, just whatever you find in your home that looks like pioneer girls and boys! 


Science/Social Studies:  In keeping with the ELA theme, we will be doing a science experiment and watching what happens to a seed as it takes root and grows through a clear cup.  For those of you with ‘green thumbs’ you may get some string beans out of this project!  We’ll also be doing some poetry incorporating a winter theme and discussing Martin Luther King as part of Social Studies. 


Handwriting:   We have begun cursive writing this week.  Our goal is for the children to be able to use cursive writing this year.  We emphasize correct posture and letter formation.  


Hand Wipes:  We are running low on the anti-bacterial wipes.  We use them everyday after lunch and after projects.  If you could, would you please send in one container.  THANK YOU!


Calendar:            Fri., Jan. 18                 No School – Faculty Meeting

                        Mon., Jan. 21               No School – Martin Luther King

                        Sun., Jan. 27                Beginning of Catholic Schools Week




Mrs. Maggie Cooney   and    Mrs. Maria Hughes   





                                                                      December, 2012                                             

Dear Parents:


Wow, December is flying so hold on tight!    We are very busy this month and our schedule is VERY flexible.  Please forgive the tardiness of this month’s Newsflash.


Math:  We are getting pretty good with our Math Facts but need to continue to practice them.  We are finishing up Chapter 4 (2 digit addition) this week and will begin Chapter 5 (2 digit subtraction).  The children are doing well with their regrouping in addition so now we move onto regrouping in subtraction (what we all know as borrowing!)  Solving word problems with addition and subtraction will continue to be ongoing.  Any chance you get to use math with your child in your everyday life will be a big help!


Religion:  We are completing our study of the Liturgical Calendar doing Chapter 14 on Christmas this week.  Next week we will begin our formal preparation for the Sacrament of Penance.  We have been laying the foundation for both of the sacraments that Second Grade will be receiving this year.  Everything we discuss in Religion class is connected to the reception of the sacraments and now we will begin the specific instruction.  Since the sacraments are received at the parish level, two different versions of the Act of Contrition are being said in Second Grade.  The children have a copy of the version that his/her parish uses in his/her Religion Duck.   We stress with them the importance of what the prayer means not the specific words recited. 


ILA:   We will finish our Helping Hands theme this week and take our Theme 2 test either the end of this week or next week.  We hope you know that you are all parents of excellent bakers!  Our Perfect Yellow Cakes turned out great.  Special thanks go out to Mrs. Albert who helped with our cakes!  Our next theme is called Our World and explores nature and growth.  Yes, an odd time of year to talk about Johnny Appleseed, Watermelon Day & Pumpkin Fiesta, however, ‘it is what it is’.    During this theme we’ll be doing a play on Johnny Appleseed and doing a fun experiment where the kids will watch a seed shed its coat and watch the roots & plant sprout – if you have a green thumb, you may get a bean plant out of this!  We will begin this when we return in January.
Book Clubs:   We are alternating children to participate in little ‘book clubs’ with Mrs. Tompkins and/or Mrs. Hargadon, and us.  We do apologize for not being able to schedule those children going to Ms. Kubicek (Reading) for book clubs as of yet, but we will give it a try after the new year.




Clothing:  Please try to label clothing items (especially, gloves & hats).  ‘Tis the season for unclaimed items in the coat closet and a major overload in the ‘lost & found’ bin! 

Santa’s Workshop:  Second Grade is shopping on Thursday, Dec 13.    Everything is $1.00.  Send money in an envelope with a list of people your child is to shop for.  Santa’s elves will be there to help the children with their shopping!











Don’t Forget:


            Tues., December 11:                           A “Mary” Christmas Carol, 7 pm in SLChurch

(children need to be at school by 6:40 pm)

            Thurs., December 13:                          Santa’s Secret Shop

            Fri., December 14:                              Santa’s Secret Shop

            Tues., December 18                            Lunch w/Santa

            Fri., December 21:                              12:00 dismissal for Christmas Holiday (WAHOO!)

            Wed.,  January 2:                                Classes resume – welcome back!




SuppliesMaybe you can be good elves and help Santa out by checking those school supplies (folders, crayons, glue sticks, washable markers, pencils, etc.) – they usually take up quite a bit of space in those stockings and they actually get used.  Okay, you would actually be helping us out more than Santa!





Please remember that we are continually building vocabulary, spelling and math skills for a strong foundation.  Over the break, please remember to continue to reinforce vocabulary and spelling words, and math facts/skills during daily interaction with your child.   Thank you.


We’ll take this opportunity to wish you a very merry, peaceful Christmas and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year 2013!  We hope you enjoy your time off with the children and find time to grab a little peace & quiet for yourselves!    Merry Christmas!



                                    Mrs. Maggie Cooney              Mrs. Maria Hughes











November 8, 2012



Dear Parents,


Can you believe it is November?!   We were very disappointed that ‘Sandy’ came through and cancelled our conferences.  We were looking forward to meeting all of you.  Look for an email from us concerning conferences.


ILA:     We’ll continue our Helping Hands theme this month.  The October/November Oral Reading is going well.  The children are enjoying reading to their classmates and answering questions about the story.  Our goal is for the children to improve in their reading presentations (speaks clearly, using expression, fluency, volume, using punctuation, self correction and word recognition) The schedule is online; the Question Sheet is on the opposite side of the hard copy that came home with the children last month.  We are currently in the middle of our second Theme “Helping Hands”.  In this theme , the children are learning that working together, teamwork, is not only helpful but can also be fun.  Our plan is to use our teamwork to bake a cake together in school.  This will take place during our story Hedgehog Bakes a Cake


MATH:    As you can see, we are now on addition (moving into subtraction) of 2-digit numbers.  Word problems are challenging but we will continue working on them throughout the year.  Keep practicing those math facts.  Hint:  if you notice your child having trouble with certain facts (7+5=12, 6+4=10, etc), put the number sentence on the refrigerator and make them say the facts before they open the door.


RELIGION:   We hope the kids have enjoyed the saint project as much as we enjoy looking at them!  The children are in the process of presenting their saint in class.  This week we began Chapter 11 and will continue with Chapter 12.  Both chapters teach about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  After this we will return to Chapters 6 and 7.  These chapters cover the Liturgical Calendar which begins with Advent.  We will be moving around in our Religion book all throughout the year.


It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in two weeks!  Where does the time go?  Thank you for your continued support and patience.  We are enjoying your second graders and thank you for sharing them with us!




Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Maggie Cooney     and      Mrs. Maria Hughes















Dear Parents,                                                 October 1, 2012


We hope you survived September unscathed!  It was very nice seeing so many friendly faces at Back to School Night.  Welcome to the October Newsletter—we hope it’s not too scary. 


ILA:  We are enjoying our “Being Me” theme with fun stories and 2 more to go.  At the end of each theme (usually every 5 weeks) there will be a Theme review test, however, there is nothing you can do at home for this.  Just keep practicing vocabulary words in your daily conversations. The test consists of reading several stories and answering questions based on skills we’re covering, such as main idea/details and compare/contrast.   Mid-October will begin Theme 2 entitled “Helping Hands” and includes stories showing how people work together to accomplish goals and how teamwork can be fun.  Skills covered in Grammar/Phonics/Spelling are nouns (common, proper, singular, plural, possessives), compound words, names/titles of people, descriptive words, r-controlled vowels and common abbreviations. 


Writing:   As you know, we have been working on writing different types of sentences.  This will continue throughout the year.  The sentences on the Spelling test contain spelling words included in their Spelling grade out of 15 (usually).  They will count as a Grammar grade (capitalization, ending punctuation, no missing words) and a Listening grade.  You will notice that some words may be circled/underlined.  The children need to follow oral directions given twice.  During the next couple of weeks, we will be working on our first writing project—“Fall Paragraph” and our work will be hung in the hallway.  It will be a main idea/details assignment.  The kids will brainstorm ideas and could choose from a few given Fall topics. 


Religion:  We will be saying a decade of the rosary each morning to honor Mary’s title “Our Lady of the Rosary” during October.   If the children would like to bring in a special pair of rosaries, they may, however, they will be receiving a rosary to keep in school.  Chapter 4 is on Baptism.  If your child would like to bring any items to ‘show & tell’ from Baptism (candle, articles of clothing, picture, etc) they may do that once we start Chapter 4—we’ll send a reminder.  Also, look for a “Saints Project” which will be sent home mid-October – one of our favorites!

On-Line Resource:  www.webelieveweb.com is a site based on our text book where children can review for tests, play games and you can print activities for your child. 


 Math:     As you can tell, we have been working on modeling and comparing numbers as well as place value. This will take us into Basic Facts and Relationships (addition and subtraction) sometime next week.  Please, please, please continue to drill the kids on their basic facts up to 20.  We are beginning to practice doubles facts (8+8 =16) and the doubles + 1 strategy (if 8+8=16, then 8+9 must equal 17).  We play ‘beat the clock’ and “around the world” in the classroom which should help with their memorization.  Strategies are great, however, for basic facts they just need to eventually memorize!  Another helpful idea is to use playing cards from aces to 10 and let the kids add 2 or 3 cards together.  Black Jack, anyone?



Science/Math:  We will be doing a little experiment with apples.  First, we taste-test different types of apples.  We will tally our votes and do a pictograph of the data collected.  Then, we will put some pieces of apples in water, some in lemon juice, and some left to air dry.  The kids always have a good time seeing the difference over a few days.  If anyone has a knack for Science and would like to come in to show experiments, just let us know!


Homework:  Just to reiterate, you do not need to sign each page of homework, however, we do ask that you check/correct.  If your child does not understand the concept, please write a note in the HW Copybook.  We do our best to put the homework online each night, however, the server often goes down after school.  If one room does not have it available, check the other classroom.  Most often, the homework is the same for both classes.


Reading Rocks:   We are beginning a chart in school to help children summarize stories they read.  Our chart is called “Reading Rocks”.  Each time a child writes a Story Map about a book they read, they will get a sticker for the chart.  After 5 stickers on the chart, they get a sticker for their sticker book.  The child with the most Story Maps at the end of the year will get a special prize.  Don’t forget to sign the calendars for reading each night—reading is part of their homework!


Oral Reading.  Information is being sent home this week regarding this topic.  Children will have a scheduled day every other month to read to the class orally.  They are to come to class prepared with 3 questions and the correct answers written on the Question Sheet.   A sticker is given to each child who answers a question correctly – if the reader stumps the class, the reader gets the sticker.  You will be able to find the schedule on the website under the ‘Other’ category.  Oral Reading will start the week of  October 8.  Reading time should be no longer than 10 minutes.   A helpful hint in picking out a book is if your child has trouble reading more than 5 words on a given page, he/she is at a frustration level and an easier book should be selected (but not too easy).


Box Tops:  Yes, we are still collecting them and various contests will be held throughout the year.  Save & send them in!


Parent Conferences:  Don’t forget we have parent conferences at the end of the month.  Information will be coming through the Family Envelope. 


We hope the routine of school and homework is getting easier – September is a very tough month for all of us!  Happy Halloween!



                                                Mrs. Maria Hughes                 Mrs. Maggie Cooney












Dear Parents,                                                                   



Welcome to 2nd grade. 

YOUR homework for tonight is to read this Newsflash!  You may need a refreshing glass of ??? in order to get through this!


Please have children bring their summer skills book in by Friday, September 14.  This counts as part of their Reading, Math, and Writing grade for the 1st trimester.




 Below is a list of information you will find on the SLS Website for Room 7 and Room 9.  Go to the StJP website homepage, Classrooms (under Quick Links on right hand side), choose Room 7 or Room 9 Apple to find:


Click on Apple:  NewsflashEach 4-5 weeks We will publish a Room 7 and Room 9 Newsflash for the purpose of letting you know what is happening in the classroom.  Hopefully, you will not consider them too tortuous to read—I try to add some humor!  We will write “Newsflash” in their Homework Assignment Book to let you know it’s updated.  These will be kept on the site all year.  This is your first of many!

Class Information:   This information is very important.  It tells you our curriculum, classroom policies, including homework, behavior management, specific school policies.  This will stay up all year for your reference.  Please try to review as soon as possible so that we can address any questions on Back to School Night.


Calendar:  Information pertaining to our classroom/school such as days off, due dates, scholastic orders, field trip money, pizza money, special events.


Galleries:  The kids’ favorite button; they love to see themselves!  Pictures of different events, projects, and trips that we do in the classroom will be in a slideshow format.  Since we have a new website, please be patient with the new learning curve (We are slow learners!—but don’t forget, slow and steady wins the race!).


Homework:   Copying homework from the board can be difficult for some - more so for the parents when they try to decipher the writing.  Homework will be posted each night on this button by 5:00pm.  We do admit that we forget sometimes, but we do our best!


Other:  Oral Reading:  Every other month beginning in October (probably), your child will read a book of their choice to the class.  This button gives you the day/date of their scheduled reading.  More information will be sent out as we get closer to October. 








SPECIALS, as of now, are as follows:   

             Wednesday- Music and Gym  Thursday- Art, Computer, Library  Friday- Spanish


LUNCH TOWELS: Please include in their lunchbox a dishtowel or something the kids can spread out on their desks.  This will be returned each day via the lunchbox.


BOOK COVERING:  Please cover all books as they are sent home for homework each night, including copybooks and the Family Envelope, in clear contact paper.  Also, the HW Assignment Book should be covered, All books should be covered by Back to School Night. 


TAKE-HOME FOLDER:  Each child chose a take-home folder and will bring that home each night.  Please empty papers out and return any notes/papers needing to be returned to the classroom or office via this folder, not the family envelope. The Family Envelope should ALWAYS be returned empty!


CORRESPONDENCE:   If you have concerns throughout the year and need to speak with me, you may contact me by e-mail, send a note in with your child, or phone the office.  E-mail is the quickest and most efficient way to contact me.  Our e-mail addresses are:  mhughes@stjpschool.info and mcooney@stjpschool.info .  We try to review our mail several times each day, but you can always call the office in an emergency. We believe we have everyone’s e-mail but if you have not received an email from us yet, please contact us.  That would be great!


STATIONERY:  The total for copybooks this year is $9.00 (4 copybooks & 2 theme tables @ $1.50 each).  Please send this in as soon as possible with your child’s name & “stationery” on the envelope (if check, please make payable to St. Joseph the Protector School)


SPELLING WORDS:    The list of weekly words will also be on the website under the Homework button.  Spelling tests will be given on Friday mornings.


VOCABULARY WORDS will be stapled in the Vocabulary Copybook along with a ‘practice’ sheet each week and will be reviewed many times throughout the week via various methods.  Children will bring the Purple Duck home each night.  Please review – it is more important that the children can use the word in context rather than rattle off the definition.  Have them give you a sentence using the word, use the words during the week in your daily conversations—they won’t even know they are doing homework. When sentence writing is assigned for homework, the vocabulary word should be spelled correctly since they have the word to copy from and correct sentence format should be used (begins with a capital and ends with a punctuation mark). 


SHOW & TELL:   Our first reading theme is “Being Me” and celebrates our differences and interests.  This is a great way for us to get to know the children’s interests so we can make classroom learning more meaningful and interesting for them.  Each child will be asked to bring in one item that means something to them/about them.  Please note that this should NOT be pressure for you.   Each child will have a few minutes to talk about a hobby/sport they have, a trophy they’ve won, a favorite book, some sort of collection, or what they have a passion for.    We will notify you of your child’s day via the homework copybook.  Please have them thinking about their one item now.








READING EACH NIGHT is very important and is considered to be part of their homework.  If you read to your child or they read to you or a sibling for 10 minutes, please initial the calendar in the back of the HW  copybook.  If your child has 20 initials on that month’s calendar, he/she gets a prize from the prize box on the last day of the month.  (We will pro-rate September’s!!)


We are looking forward to a fabulous year in our new school!  Look for another Newsflash this month—we don’t want to overwhelm you during the first week!




Website:  www.stjpschool.org                      Mrs. Maria Hughes    and   Mrs. Maggie Cooney


Week of May 20, 2013 - /00/ spelled 00 and ou:  look, could, would, cook, book, boyhood, foot, childhood, stood, should, careful, chair, mountain, state, America
Tuesday, May 21
Rel:  Study End of Year SS and write a prayer of forgiveness in your Religion Duck
Spell:  SPB p. 99
Math:  MPB p. 251
Pray for nice weather for Thursday!  
Monday, May 20
Rel:  Write a prayer of thanks in Rel. Duck and Study End of Year SS.  
Spell:  SPB p. 98
Math:  MPB p. 249
Hoagie Order due tomorrow

Test Folder signed

Week of May 13 suffix -er and -est:   taller, tallest, fresher, freshest, smaller, smallest, smarter, smartest, happier, happiest, paragraph, telephone, lion, oil, men
Thursday, May 16
Rel:  Write a prayer of praise in your Religion Duck
Math:  MPB p. 221-222
Family Envelope
Wednesday, May 15
Spell:  SPB p. 92
Math:  MPB p. 219
library book
*Pizza lunch tomorrow - Thursday*  don't forget a snack!
Tuesday, May 14
Rel:  study Mary Facts #4-6 in Religion Duck

Spell:  SPB p. 91

Math:  MPB p. 217

Monday, May 13
Rel:  Do Review p. 294
Spell:  SPB p. 90 and study words
Math:  MPB p. 215
Pizza Order must be in by tomorrow morning!  Pizza day is Thursday.  $1.50 per slice.
Week of May 6/f/ spelled -ph and -gh: paragraph, petroglyphs, photo, telephone, graph, laugh, cough, rough, enough, tough, pursuit, recruit, birthday, buy, dance
Tuesday, May 7 - homework due on Thursday **DO NOT BRING BACKPACKS TOMORROW**
Spell:  SPB p. 88 and study words
Math: MPB p. 211
IC Parish 1st Communion Practice tomorrow - 8:15 am.
May Procession tomorrow 10:30 am.  2nd graders do not have to be in until 9:30 -please wear Communion attire or Sunday best.  Dismissal will be normal from the classroom at 12:00.
Please pray for good weather for tomorrow!!!
Monday, May 6
Spell:  SPB p. 87 and study words
Math:  Mpb p. 211
Test Folder
Week of April 29/air/ spelled -air and -are:  airport, airplanes, chair, careful, dare, share, rare, scare, hair, pair, * their, * there, boat, city, morning  (tallest and happier are the review words in this lesson but we jumped ahead to Abuela so we are reviewing their and there this week.)
Thursday, May 2
Rel:  Study Chap 19 SS for test
Spell:  Study for test
Math:  Review 2x and 5x tables in math duck
Family Envelope
Tuesday, April 30
Rel:  Study Chap 19 SS #3,4
Spell:  SPB p. 96 and study words
Math:  MPB p. 174; review for test
Monday, April 29
Rel:  Study Chap 19 SS # 1,2
Spell:  SPB p. 95 and study words - see above
Math:  MPB p. 172; test on Wednesday on Chap 8 Multiplication
Test Folder
Week of April 22 - /oo/ digraphs -ew, -ui:  new, crew, stew, grew, threw, bruise, fruit, pursuit, juice, recruit, you'll, shouldn't, church, windows, sisters
Thursday, April 25
Rel:  Study Chap 18 SS # 6,7
Spell:  Study for test
Eng:  Study Vocab test
Math:  MPB p. 170
Family Envelope 
Tuesday, April 23
Rel:  Study Chap 18 SS # 4, 5
Math:  MPB p. 167
Spell:  SPB p. 85
State paper due Thursday
Monday, April 22
Rel:  Study Chap 18 SS #1,2,3
Spell:  SPB p. 84
Math:  MPB p. 165
Abuela letter and form - due Thursday!
Week of April 15Contractions:  we'll, I'll, you'll, they'll, don't, can't, isn't, it's, that's, shouldn't, recycle, preheat, shop, surprise, kittens
Thursday, April 18
Rel:  Study Chap 17 SS # 9,10
Spell:  Study for test tomorrow
Eng:  Study vocab words for test
Math:  MPB p. 161
Family Envelope
Tag Day tomorrow - $1.00
Pizza Day tomorrow
Permission Slip and $5.00 for Beauty and the Beast due Monday, April 22.
Wednesday, April 17
Rel:  Chap 17 SS # 6, 7, 8 * Please study, we are having mini tests on the Mass as mentioned in the
Spell:  SPB p. 83
Math:  MPB p. 159
Tag Day $1.00 for Catholic Charities
Permission Slip and $5.00 for Beauty and the Beast
Forms for IC 1st Holy Communion Practices
Tuesday, April 16
Rel:  Chap 17 SS # 2, 3, 4
Spell:  SPB p. 82
Math:  Study math facts
Tag Day - Friday $1.00 for Catholic Charities
Permission Slip and $5.00 for Beauty and the Beast
Forms for IC 1st Holy Communion Practices
Monday, April 15
Rel:  Chap 17 SS # 1
Spell:  SPB p. 81
Math:  Review Chapter 9 for test tomorrow
Pizza Order due tomorrow (Friday is Pizza Day)
Permission Slip for Field trip to see Beauty and the Beast at Bishop McDevitt
      Signed form and $5.00 for bus due by Monday, April 22.
Tag Day is Friday, April 19 - $1.00 for Catholic Charities
Week of April 1 and 8, 2013 - prefixes re-, pre-: remove, return, recycle, replace, recall, preheat, prepay, preschool, preview, prefix, swimming, doing, maybe, near, park
Wednesday, April 10
Rel:  Study Chap 16 SS - test tomorrow - Know at least 3 people for mass: who they are and what they do.
Spell:  Study for test
Eng:  study lines and bring in costume - play is tomorrow.
Math:  MPB p. 199
***No School on Friday***
Tuesday, April 9
Rel:  Chap 16 SS # 4 - test Thursday
Spell:  Study words - test Thursday
Eng:  Practice play lines
Math:  MPB p. 197
Monday, April 8
Rel:  Chap 16 SS # 3, test Thurs.
Spell:  SPB p. 80 and study words - test Thurs.
Eng:  Practice lines for play
Math:  MPB p. 195
Immaculate Conception Parishioners - Please return your Comunion papers from folder and the one sent home today (it is also sent via email) - Please look for emails from Mrs. McGuigan.  Thank you!
Half day tomorrow because of Confirmation for St Luke's Parish
Thursday, April 4
Rel:  Chap 16 SS #2
Spell:  SPB p. 79, study words
Math:  MPB p. 194
Family Envelope
First Friday Mass 10:30 am
Yearbook orders due 
Wednesday, April 3
Rel:  Chap 16 SS #1
Spell:  SPB p. 78
Math:  MPB p. 191
Library Book
**Practice reading part for First Friday Mass
Week of March 25, 2013   Holy Week
Monday, March 25
Rel:  Study Sheet #2
Math:  MPB p. 187
Week of March 18, 2013 - suffixes -ing, -ly:  completely, actually, doing, taking, swimming, eating, slowly, starting, standing, freezing, leaf, leaves, important, nothing, dinner
Thursday, March 21
Rel:  Holy Week SS #1
Spell:  study for test
Math:  MPB p. 183
Family Envelope
Report Cards - please sign and return the envelope.  Paper report is yours to keep.
Wednesday, March 20
Rel:  Test tomorrow on Chap 15 SS
Spell:  SPB p. 75, test Friday
Math:  MPB p. 180
Tuesday, March 19   Happy St. Joseph's Day!
Rel:  Study Chap 15 SS - test on Thursday
Spell:  SPB p. 74
Math:  MPB p. 179
Canned goods
Gym tomorrow
Oral Reader:  Nico
Monday, March 18
Rel:  Chap 15 SS - test Thursday
Spell:  SPB p. 73
Math:  MPB p. 178
Oral Reader:  Will
Prayer Service at 1:30 pm
Week of March 11, 2013 - irregular plurals: change the /f/ to v and add es: wife, wives, leaf, leaves, elf, elves, shelf, shelves, life, lives, rooftop. true, bone, draw, whose
Thurs., March 14
Rel:  Chap 15 SS #4
Spell:  SPB p. 72 and study words for test tomorrow
Math:  MPB p. 246 and review Chap 11 for test tomorrow
Family Envelope
Wed., March 13
Rel: Chap 15 SS # 2,3
Math:  MPB p. 245
Spell: SPB p. 71
Canned Goods Drive
Re-registration Due for STJP School
Tues., March 12
Rel:  Chap 15 SS # 1
Math:  MPB p. 243
Spell:  SPB p. 70
Biography Book Report due.  Memorize 3 facts to recite to class.
Oral Reader:  Ben
Mon., March 11  No school- Faculaty Meeting
Week of March 4, 2013 - Terra Nova Week - no new words
No Homework this week except to relax, get a good night sleep, and eat a good breakfast and have 3 #2 sharpened pencils with erasers.  Thank you!
Wednesday at 7 pm  St Luke's Parish celebrates their First Penance.  Children should be at church by 6:40.
Week of February 25, 2013 - vowel diphthongs /oi/ -oi, -oy:  voices, cowboys, oil, toy, point, enjoyment, join, joy, soil, coin, around, without, fire, train, wait
Thurs., Feb 28
 Rel:  Say 1 Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory Be To the Father for your family.
 Spell:  Study for test tomorrow
 Math:  MPB p. 239
 Bring in 3 sharpened #2 Pencils with erasers
Wed., Feb. 27
First Penance at Immaculate Conception Parish this evening at 7pm -- no homework
God Bless our children on their special night!
Tues., Feb. 26
Rel:   Review and Study Form for Confession and Act of Contrition.  IC Parish Sacrament of Reconciliation is tomorrow evening at 7 pm.
Math:  MPB p. 235
Spell:  SPB p. 65
Oral Readers:  Matthew and Aidan McP.
*4 sharpened #2 pencils needed by Friday for Terra Nova Testing (Practice test is Friday; test next week)
Mon., Feb. 25
Rel:  Review and Study Form for Confession and Act of Contrition. 
Spell:  SPB p. 64
Math:  MPB p. 233
Biography Book Report - due March 13
Oral Readers:  Michael and Franny
Week of February 18, 2013vowel dipthongs -ou, -ow: how, now, brow, without, around, mouth, out, house, found, sound, beauties, skies, started, mean, cow
Thurs., Feb. 21
Rel:  Read your favorite story from the Bible (Old or New Testament) with Mom or Dad
Math:  MPB p. 229
Spell:  Study for test tomorrow
Family Envelope
Oral Reader:  Catie
Hat Day tomorrow - $1.00 for childhood cancers - where a favorite hat with your uniform!
Wed., Feb. 20
Rel:  Study Chap 8 SS # 3,4
Math:  MPB p. 227
Spell:  SPB p. 62
Test Folder
Hat Day Friday - $1.00 - Money goes to help childhood cancers.
Tues., Feb. 19
Rel:  Study Chap 8 SS # 1,2
Math:  MPB p. 225
Spell:  SPB p. 61
Oral Reader:  Sophia
Hat Day Friday - $1.00 - Money goes to help childhood cancers.
Mon., Feb. 18 
No School - President's Day




Week of February 11, 2013- No new words this week.  We finished our 3rd Theme in our Reading series and are taking our Theme test this week.  Please take this time this week to review all of our spelling words.  We have previous spelling words in our spelling test sentences every week.  Thank you!


Thurs., Feb. 14 - St. Valentine's Day
 Rel:  Study Lenten SS - test tomorrow
 Math:  Review Chap 7 - test tomorrow (review math facts)
Valentine's Day Party - 1 pm tomorrow
Family Envelope
Oral Reader:  Kate


Wed., Feb. 13 - Ash Wednesday
Rel:  Study Lenten SS # 6,7 - test Friday
Math:  MPB p. 153
Valentine's cards


Tues., Feb. 12
Rel:  Study Lenten SS # 4,5 - test Friday
Math:  MPB p. 151
Handwriting:  2 lines of cursive p
Oral Readers:  Danny and Jack F.
Valentine's cards 
Gym tomorrow
Check supplies (crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, etc)


Mon., Feb. 11

Rel:  Study Lenten SS # 1-3 - test Friday

Math:  MPB p. 149


Oral Reader:  Mary Kate D.








Week of February 4, 2013 - inflections -s, -es, -ies:  babies, beauties, bodies, cities, copies, cries, duties, hobbies, pennies, skies, sign, unknown, drink, hill, road


Thurs., Feb. 7

Rel:  Study and review Form for Confession and Examination of Conscience #7, 8

Spell:  study for test

Eng:  study Vocab for test

Math:  MPB p. 145


Family Envelope

Oral Reader:  Aidan D.




Wed., Feb. 6

Rel:  Study and Review Form for Confession and Examination of Conscience #1-5  (Religion Duck)

Spell:  SPB p. 58

Math: MPB p. 143


Shoe Box for Valentine's - due Feb. 7th



Tues., Feb.5

Rel: Study Form for Confession and Examination of Conscience #4-#5  (Religion Duck)

Spell: SP p.57

Math:MPB p.141

Oral Reader: Harry and Aryana

Shoe Box for Valentine's - due Feb. 7th


Mon., Feb. 4

Rel:  Study Form for Confession and Examination of Conscience paper #1-3 (Religion Duck)

Spell:  SPB p. 56

Math:  MPB p. 139


Oral Reader:  Ella

Test Folder



Week of January 28, 2013 - consonant digraphs for /r/ wr-, and /n/ kn- and -gn-:  knock, knew, knight, wrong, write, sign, gnat, unknown, wrist, writer, scooter, cartoon, dark, front, past


Wed., Jan 30

Rel:  Study Form for Confession and Act of Contrition-the students are doing great with this, keep up the good work!

Spell: SPB p. 55 and study words for test Friday

Eng:  Study Vocab words - test tomorrow


Bring in a beach towel for Friday's Beach Blanket Bingo!!!



Tues., Jan. 29

Rel:  Study Form for Confession

Math:  Review Chap 6 for test tomorrow


New Oral Reader Schedule - includes Story Map this time!

Home and School Meeting tonight at 7 pm in St Luke Church (SLC)

Oral Readers:  Olivia and Andrew



Mon., Jan. 28 

Rel:  Review and study Form for Confession, found in back cover of Rel Duck. 

Spell:  SPB p. 53 and study words 

Math:  MPB p. 133 and review Chap 6 for test on Wed.


Oral Readers:  Brenna and Liam


Home and School Meeting tomorrow night at 7 pm 








Week of January 22, 2013 - digraph 'oo' /oo/: smooth, roots, food, scooter, boot, broom, moon, cartoon, roof, spoon, springtime, ostrich, answer, paper, page


Wed., Jan. 23 

Rel:  p. 130 and study CHap 10 SS - Test Friday

Math:  MPB p. 127

Spell:  SPB p. 51 and study for test on Friday


Pizza Order Form - due Tues., Jan. 29 for Pizza lunch on Fri., Feb. 1



Tues., Jan. 22

Rel:  Chap 10 SS # 6,7

Math:  MPB p. 125

Spell:  Spell:  SPB p. 50

Eng:  PB p. 104


Keswick Tavern Dining Around Town Flyer




Week of January 14,2013- consonant blends 'spr','str', 'thr': sprout, streams, through, strong, strap, springtime, spray, throat, three, ostrich, pioneers, clearing, air, different, light -  **Test on Thursday, January 17**


Wed., Jan. 16

Rel: Study Chap 10 SS # 3, 4, 5

Spell:  SPB p. 49 and study for test tomorrow

Eng:  study vocab words for test tomorrow

Math:  study math facts



**No school on Friday (Faculty Meeting) and Monday (MLKJr's birthday)*** Enjoy the long weekend!



Tues., Jan. 15

Rel:  Chap 10 SS #2

Spell:  SPB p. 48 and study

Math:  Study Math facts 

Soc. Stud./Eng:  Ho - Martin Luther King


Oral Readers: Franny and Matthew


Mon., Jan. 14

Rel: Chap 10 SS #1

Spell: SPB p. 47, test on Thursday

Math:  Review Chap 5 for test tomorrow


Oral Reader:  Michael Martino






Weeks of January 2 and 7, 2013 - r-controlled 'eer' and 'ear': pioneers, cheers, clearing, hear, nearby, year, beard, reindeer, steer, peer, remark,  alarm, sleep, country, rain -  **Test on Friday January 11**


Thurs., Jan.10

Rel:  Test on Chap 9 tomorrow.  Study Chap 9 SS.

Spell:  Study for test.

Math:  MPB p. 117


Family Envelope

Oral Reader:  Meghan  

Johnny Appleseed play is tomorrow - bring in simple costume, if needed.  Jeans and shirt is all that is needed.  Thank you!


Wed., Jan. 9

Rel:  p.118 and study Chap 9 SS for test on Friday

Spell:  SPB p. 46

Math:MPB p. 115


Immaculate Conception Parish **  Parent Meeting for Reconciliation tonight at 7 pm in Conahan Hall **



Tues., Jan. 8

Rel:  Chap 9 SS # 5 - test Friday

Spell:  SPB p. 45 - test Friday

Math:  MPB p. 113


Oral Readers:  Jack K. and Sophia



Mon., Jan. 7

Rel:  Chap 9 SS #4, test Friday

Spell:  SPB p.44 and study words

Math:  MPB p. 111


Oral Reader:  PJ



Thurs., Jan 3

Rel:  Chap 9 SS # 3,4

Math:  MPB p. 109

Study your part for Johnny Appleseed


Family Envelope

Oral Reader:  Kate Fighera 


Wed., Jan 2

Rel: Chap 9 SS #1, 2

Math:  MPB p. 107






Week of December 17 Theme 2 Spelling Review :

  four, poured, your, course, court, fourteen, mourn, source, fourth, resource, Dr., St., smell, thank, open

   bar, star, jar, farm, harm, charm, dark, remark, alarm, sparkle, fourteen, source, between, enough, idea

   Mr. , Mrs. ,Dr. , Jan. ,Aug. ,Dec. ,Tues. ,Wed. ,Sun. ,St. , rehearse, search, before, blue, room

   learn, rehearse, earnest, earn, earth, yearn, heard, research, pearl, horseback, search, rocket, early,  

   pretty, someone

  black, pack, crack, snack, horseback, lock, rocket, flock, shock, clock, appreciate, acrobat, grow, last, mouse



Wed., Dec. 19

Rel:  Study Chap 12 SS # 5

Math:  MPB p. 105

Spell: study Theme 2


Tues., Dec 18 

Rel:  Study Chap 12 SS # 3,4

Eng:  Write a family Christmas Tradition on the wreath HO

Spell:  Study Theme 2 words for Spelling Bee

Math:  Study Math subtraction facts


 Mon.,Dec 17

  Rel:  Chap 12 SS# 1,2

  Spell:  SPB p. 42, 43; Study Theme 2 spelling words for Spelling Bee this week - p. 27, 31, 33, 37, 39


 Return signed Report Card Envelope

 Oral Reader:  Aryana

 Lunch With Santa tomorrow




Week of December 10 - phonograms -ar, -arm, -ark: bar, star, jar, farm, harm, charm, dark, remark, alarm, sparkle, fourteen, source, between, enough, idea


Thurs., Dec., 13

Spell: SPB p.41 and study for test

Eng:  Study Vocab words for test

Math:  MPB p. 99  (use number line)


Report Cards

Family Envelope




Wed., Dec 12

Spell:  SPB p. 40

Eng:  Write 4 sentences in Vocab Duck using the vocab words.


Please bring back costumes from last night.  They need to be returned to IC Parish for their PREP Program.



Tuesday, Dec. 11


Be in Father Fitzpatrick Hall (FFH) by 6:40pm.  Parents keep coats.  Come in costume/dress clothes ready to line up for show.  2nd Grade will be picked up in church after the concert.



Costumes for Nativity scene must be returned to school on Wednesday.  Thank you! 



Monday,Dec. 10

Rel:  In your Religion (Red) Duck, write in a complete sentence about one thing

that you and your family do in Advent to prepare for the birth of Jesus. Draw a picture.


Spell: SPB p. 39


Oral Reading Schedule

A "Mary" Christmas Carol is tomorrow night at 7 pm.   Please be in Father Fitzpatrick Hall (church hall) by 6:40pm.   Parents keep their children's coats.







Week of December 12/3/2012


Wednesday, Dec.5


Reader-read Hedgehog Bakes a Cake to your family Pages 229-245


Math - Write 2 word problems ( 1 addition and 1 subtraction problem) in your Math Duck


Tuesday, Dec. 4


Rel:  Study Liturgical Events SS for test tomorrow

Math:  MPB p. 96

Eng:  Write your good copy of your friendly letter to Santa.  Use the proper form of a friendly letter.


Monday, Dec. 3


Rel:  study Liturgucal Study Sheet for test on Wednesday

Math: MPB #91-#93



Week of 11/26/12 - r-controlled 'our' for /or/ : four, poured, your, course, court, fourteen, mourn, source, fourth, resource, Dr., St., smell, thank, open


Thursday, Nov 29

Rel:  Liturgical Events SS :  Advent #1-3

Spell:  Study for test

Eng:  PB p. 75

Math:  MPB p. 89


Family Envelope


Wednesday, Nov 28 

Rel:  Study Liturgical Events SS - Sunday #1-3, again 

Spell:  SPB p. 38 

Math:  MPB p. 88


Test Folder

Scholastic Bookfair paper in folder of Youngest or Only

Please bring in a canned good between nowand Dec. 7.  Thank you!

Cub Scout Paper in boys' folders;  Girl Scout contact number in girls' homework books.




Tuesday, Nov 27

Rel:  Study Liturgical Events SS - Sunday #1-3

Spell:  SPB p. 37

Math:  MPB p. 87


Please bring in a canned good between now and Dec. 7.  Thank you! 




Monday, Nov. 26

Rel:  Review Church Year Wheel and place wheel in a special place at home.

Spell:  SPB p. 36

Math:  MPB p. 85


Don't forget to study Math facts and Vocab words!!!






Week of 11/12/12-abbreviations:  Mr. , Mrs. ,Dr. , Jan. ,Aug. ,Dec. ,Tues. ,Wed. ,Sun. ,St. , rehearse, search, before, blue, room


Thursday, Nov 15

Rel:  Study Chap 11 SS #5; test on Tuesday

Spell:  Study for test

Eng:  Study Vocab for test

Math:  MPB p. 81 


Family Envelope

Oral Readers:  Colleen and Beth


Wednesday, Nov 14 

Rel:  Review Chap 11 SS# 1-4

Spell:  SPB p.35

Math: MPB p. 79


Tuesday, Nov 13

Rel:  Study Chap 11 SS # 4

Spell:  SPB p. 34

Math:  MPB p. 77


Oral Readers:  Aiden Miller and Joe Morgan


Monday, Nov 12

Rel:  Study Chap 11 SS # 2, 3

Spell:  SPB p. 33

Eng:  HO p. 13

Math:  MPB p. 75




Week of 11/5/12- r controlled vowels  /ur/ spelled 'ear': learn, rehearse, earnest, earn, earth, yearn, heard, research, pearl, horseback, search, rocket, early, pretty, someone


Thursday, Nov 8

Rel:  Chap 11 SS #1

Spell:  study words for test

Eng:  study vocab for test

Math:  MPB p. 71


Family Envelope




Tuesday, Nov 6

Rel:  none (took test today)

Spell:  SPB p. 31

Math:  Write 2 word problems in Math Duck(1 addition and 1 subtraction).  Do not solve.  We will swap books and solve tomorrow in class!


Saint Project due.

Oral Readers:  Michael and Franny

 ** Gym tomorrow - winter uniform**


Monday, Nov. 5

 Rel:  Study Chap 5 SS and do p. 78; Test on Chap 5 Tomorrow!

 Spell:  SPB p. 30

 Math:  Write 2 word problems in Math Duck; one addition and one subtraction.  Use Math Rap HO in Math Duck


Saint Project due Wednesday


Oral Reader:  Meghan





Week of 10/22/12- Spelling words phonograms -ack and -ock : black, pack, crack, snack, horseback, lock, rocket, flock, shock, clock, appreciate, acrobat, grow, last, mouse


Thursday, Oct 25

Rel:  Chap 5 SS # 6,7

Spell:  Study for test (SPB p.28 or words above)

Eng:  Study Vocab for test tomorrow

Math:  HO p. 33 Addition and Subtraction Review


Family Envelope

Pictures tomorrow

Oral Reader:  Sophia



Wednesday, Oct 24

Rel:  Chap 5 SS # 5

Spell:  SPB p. 29 and study words

Math:  study math facts in Green Duck (making flashcards is an excellent idea)


Saint Project - Due Wednesday, November 7 - see letter



Tuesday, Oct 23

Rel: Chap 5 SS  #3,4

Math:  MPB p. 67,68; test tomorrow on Chap 3

Spell:  SPB p. 28

Eng:  Circle the Subject and underline the Predicate in your Vocab sentences in Purple duck


Test Folder signed


Monday, Oct 22

Rel:  Chap 5 SS # 1,2

Spell:  SPB p. 27

Eng:  Write 4 sentences (Telling,Asking, Commanding and Exclaiming) in Vocab duck using vocab words

Math:  MPB p. 65


Oral Reader:  Kate F.










Week of 10/15/12- Spelling Review of Theme 1 (first 5 lessons)


Wednesday, Oct 17 

Rel:  Study Chap 4 SS - test tomorrow

Spell:  Study Theme 1 (first 5 lessons) SPB p. 10-24; Spelling Bee/Assessment tomorrow

Math:  MPB p. 61


Sacrament Meeting for Immaculate Parents tonight

**No School on Friday**



Tuesday, Oct 16

Rel:  Chap 4 SS #5-7; test on Thursday

Spell:  Study Theme 1 (first 5 lessons) SPB p. 10-24; Spelling Bee/Assessment on Thurs.

Math:  MPB p. 59


Oral Readers: Danny Ecker and Jack Farren


Monday, Oct 15

Rel:  Chap 4 SS #3-4, test Thursday; Parents fill out Baptism story paper for students to copy onto   

Baptismal book that they are making--Please PRINT-Thank you!


Spell:  Study first 5 lessons for Theme 1 Spelling Bee/Assessment

Math: MPB p. 57













Week of 10/8/12- Spelling words with Phonogram -at and -ate: sat, acrobat, flat, that, fat, ate, gate, create, state, appreciate, worried, studied, children, each, girl


Thursday, October 11

Rel:  Chap 4 SS #1,2

Spell:  study for test

Eng:  PB p. 41

Math:  MPB p. 53


Family Envelope



Wednesday, Oct. 10

Spell: SPB p. 24

Eng:  PB p. 37

Math: MPB p. 51


Test folder

Kidstuff book/money 



Tuesday, Oct.9

Rel:  Study Chap 3SS - test tomorrow

Spell:  SPB p. 23

Math:  MPB p. 49


Kidstuff books or payment


Monday, Oct. 8

Rel:  Study Chap 3 SS - test Wednesday

Spell:  SPB p. 22

Eng:  Write 4 sentences (Telling, Asking, Commanding, Exclaiming) in Purple Duck using the Vocab words

Math:  MPB p. 47


Oral Reader:  Ella Albert

Kidstuff Books - return or send in money





Week of 10/1/12 - Spelling Words inflection -ed "change the "y" to "i" and add "ed":  cried, hurried, replied, fried, tried, worried, carried, copied, married, studied, remarked, finished, alone, river, think



Thursday, October 4

Rel:  Chap 3 SS # 8

Spell: Study for test

Eng:  PB p.  32


Family Envelope

First Friday Mass 10:30 am 



Wednesday, Oct. 3

Rel:  Chap 3 SS # 6,7

Spell:  SPB p. 21

Eng: PB p. 28

Math:  MPB p. 43-44 ; test tomorrow on Chap 2


Test folder - sign and return all tests, please.



Tuesday, Oct. 2 

Rel:  Chap 3 SS #3,4,5

Spell: SPB p. 20

Eng:  Write 4 sentences in Purple Duck using vocab words

Math: MPB p. 35


October Reading Calendar is in homework duck.  Children should read at least 15 minutes per night.  Please initial their calendar each night they read.  If they read for 20 nights they get a prize from the prize box at the end of the month.


Monday, Oct. 1 

Rel:  Chap 3 SS #1,2

Spell: SPB p.19

Eng:  Fill in Vocab sentences in Purple Duck

Math: MPB p.33


Newsflash on-line tonight

Oral Reading letter and schedule in folder






Week of 9/24/12 - Spelling Words inflection -ed:  barked, licked, backed, thanked, painted, opened, mailed, remarked, checked, finished, mistake, became, about, few, same


Thursday, Sept. 27

Rel:  p. 42 and study Chap 2 SS

Spell:  study for test

Eng:  PB p.23

Math:  MPB p. 25


Family Envelope and KidStuff Book



Wednesday, Sept. 26

Rel:  Chap 2 SS # 6,7

Spell:  SPB p. 18

Eng:  PB p.  21

Math:  MPB p. 23


Test folder

Library book


Tuesday, Sept.25

Rel:  Chap 2 SS # 5

Spell:  SPB p. 17

Eng:  HO - More Asking Sentences

Math:  MPB p. 21


Bring in a book to keep in desk to read during DEAR time

**St Luke Parish students have a paper about Sacrament Saturday in their folder**



Monday, Sept. 24

Rel:  Chap 2 SS # 3, 4

Spell:  SPB p. 16 and study words

Math:  MPB p. 16


Saint Luke Parish ** Sacrament Saturday 9/28 @ 9:00 am**





Week of 9/17/12 Spelling Words phonograms -ame, -ake: games, take, make, name, flame, same, became, brake, snake, mistake, eyelid, slide, line, more, together


Thursday, Sept.20

Rel:  Chap 2 SS # 1, 2 - study

Spell:  SPB p. 15 and study for test

Eng:  study Vocab in Purple Duck every night!  tomorrow is our test

Math:  p. 13


Test folder - please sign tests and return

Family Envelope



Wednesday, Sept 19

Rel:  none - We took a test today, we'll begin Chap 2 tomorrow.

Spell:  SPB p. 14

Eng:  HO (Mt Rushmore)

Math:  p. 7


Tuesday, Sept. 18

Rel:  Test tomorrow on Chap 1 SS (Red Duck)  **We have been reviewing everyday**


Back to School Night is tonight at 7 pm meet in St Luke Church



Monday, Sept. 17

Rel:  Study Chap 1 SS #7-10    (test on Chapter 1 is on Wednesday)

Spell:  SPB p. 13

Eng: study Vocab in purple duck

Math:  p.3


Back to School Night is tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 18)





Week of 9/10/12

Spelling Words - hide, slide, ride, wide, pride, bid, kid, eyelid, inside, hid, no, big, brown, eat, people


Thurs., Sept. 13

Rel:  Study Chap 1 SS # 5,6

Spell: Study for test ; SPB p. 10

Eng:  Study Vocab   ***this is to be done every night even though we do not write it***


Family Envelope




Wed., Sept. 12

Rel: Study Chap 1 SS #3,4

Spell:  SPB p. 10

Eng:  PB p. 4


Cover books in clear contact paper.

Sign Homework book

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