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Parents can contact me through email, a note, or by phoning the school.  Please remember that an absent note is required when your child returns to school.



Homework Policy

  • Homework is posted on the board and the website daily.
  • Studying and reviewing material covered in class is essential for success.
  • Homework represents 5% of each student's grade.
  • Every child begins each trimester with 100 points for homework.  Five points are deducted for each missed assignment.
  • All work submitted must be neat and legible in order to receive credit.
  • Missed homework assignments will be made up the following day for homework.


Testing Policy

  • At least 3 days notice will be given for all tests.  At least 2 days notice will be given for quizzes.
  • Vocabulary and Spelling will be tested on alternate Fridays.
  • All graded assignments will be sent home for parent review and signature.
  • Directions and rubrics will be distributed for all activities, projects, and writing assignments.  Be sure to have your child review these so that he/she may attain the highest grade possible.



  • ELA will be broken down according to the following criteria. All four categories are weighted equally in calculating the final report card grade.

               Writing:                         25%            (All work is considered a test)

               Literature:                     25%            (All work is considered a test)

               Language                       25%            (Test - 60%, quizzes - 30% and homework - 5%, journals - 5%)

               Speaking/Listening           25%


   ***** In the Language category: Spelling will be considered as quizzes, Vocabulary and Grammar will be considered as tests.


  • Social Studies will be broken down according to the following criteria:

              Tests:                             40%

              Quizzes                           15%

              Current Events                 20%

              Projects/activities             20%

              Homework                        5%



Miscellaneous Notes

  • Students must have the required supplies both in school and at home in order to work efficiently and successfully. 
  • Allow your child to take the responsibility for his/her work.  Consequences for missed assignments will help your child to become aware of the need for more disciplined study habits.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Plagiarized assignments will receive a grade of 0.

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