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Kindergarten Informatiom


Homework is not assigned, but students are welcome to complete the monthly activity page sent home from the Reading Theme book and Math take home activities.




Each child has a pocket folder to carry papers to and from school.  The left side of the folder is for any papers that can be kept at home, anything on the right side, needs to be returned to school. This “take home” folder also  holds the monthly behavior calendar, which should always be kept on the right side and returned daily. The calendar is marked with a stamp every day to record your child’s behavior. If you see a sad face stamp, look for an email to explain what occurred that day.


- Family Envelopes are sent home every Thursday  with important school information. This envelope needs be emptied on Thursday and returned to school on Friday. Please do not return any letters or forms in this envelope. All communications should be sent in the daily take home folder. Please check  the  STJP website and your email often for important school news .


Every Monday, a weekly e-mail will be sent to parents with classroom and curriculum updates. 






Birthday are celebrated in Kindergarten, but we prefer to keep it simple.  Munchins ,cookies, mini-muffins or cupcakes and rice krispie treats are welcome.  These treats can be brought into school on your child’s birthday. Summer birthdays are celebrated in May. You will be notified with a specific date.






Special Classes -



Monday -

Tuesday – Computer and Art (afternoon)

Wednesday - Gym and Music (afternoon)

Thursday – Spanish (morning)

Friday - Library (morning)



















 Kindergarten Weekly Happenings


Week of September 10, 2012






Religion – Children will learn the Sign of the Cross, Good Morning Prayer, Grace Before and After Meals and Angel of God






  • Concept of word, count letter in their names and compare long and short names.
  • Practice segmenting words into syllables.
  • Rhyme Recognition
  • Review colors Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
  • Review the Alphabet
  • Title, Author, Illustrator
  • Pre-Decodable Book 1 – First Day of School




Shared Literature   * 100 Books to Read in Kindergarten


  • Big Book Moo Moo, Brown Cow
  • Big Book  From Anne to Zach
  • Welcome to Kindergarten   *
  • Countdown to Kindergarten *
  • The Kissing Hand
  • First Day Jitters
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


Math -  Go Math


  • Read and Write Numbers 0 to 5

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