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Ecc_11:1  Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.

Ecclesiastes 11:1 
Cast thy bread upon the waters - An allusion to the sowing of rice; which was sown upon muddy ground, or ground covered with water, and trodden in by the feet of cattle: it thus took root, and grew, and was found after many days in a plentiful harvest. Give alms to the poor, and it will be as seed sown in good ground. God will cause thee afterwards to receive it with abundant increase …”  Adam Clarke

It has been over thirty years since a certain man decided to study the Bible for himself and write essays about the things he learned. He wanted his writing to be clear --and so convincing  that people would find and possess the lost truth of Christianity.

First, he wrote:  “Are you Really Saved?”.  Then, “The Apostasy is Now”  and his third major essay was “What Does It Mean To Commit Sin.”  which appear in The Kupp Journal




From the beginning, Harold decided that he would never sell his writing; he would never ask for money; and he would never go in debt.  God has always provided for us up-front for everything that we have ever needed!

“WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO COMMIT SIN?”   We must know the correct answer to that question to repent and be converted; to discern evil; and to communicate with each other.  Think about this:   How can we understand each other if one person thinks sin is getting angry or eating a piece of chocolate cake;   and the other person knows it is willfully disobeying The Ten Commandments of God?  Precise Biblical definitions are essential to our coming into the unity of the faith.

I thank God for dear Harold for all that hard work that he did; all the insults and opposition from the modern apostate churches  that he  patiently endured through the years;  and for asking me these two questions that changed my life forever:

1.  Donna, do you really want to know the truth?
2.  Donna, will you obey the truth --no matter what the  cost.? 

Truly, my cup is filled to the brim and  running over …  (I said: “Yes!”)

Donna Kupp

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