07 Cassie

Update Received August 2013: I just thought I would send another message- because Sadie is growing!! One week ago we had our second check up- she weighs in at 20 pounds. The vet said she looks great. Now that we've gotten her core vaccinations finished up, we plan to start looking into puppy kindergarten for socialization. Sadie still comes to work with me for the first half of the day and has been doing a great job approaching/checking out people who come into the office. I love hearing "I have 3 dogs already but I would take her home in a heartbeat." She is revered as adorable, well-behaved, and sweet by nearly everyone who meets her. I continue to say Sadie brings joy to our lives. We are so blessed to have her- I will never be able to truly thank each and every one of you for your part in her journey. While I realize the communication chain is quite distant, if it is possible to extend this thanks to the woman who first found Sadie, please let her know her rescue is very loved.

Update Received July 2013: We are so incredibly grateful to have Sadie as our first puppy together. She acclimated fairly quickly to home, mom/dad, and even her leash. She rarely cries at night once we tell her to "kennel up" and typically only whines in the morning around 5:30 when she wants to go outside and play- gosh does she love to play!  Sadie had her first vet appointment Monday. Our vet called her "a healthy pup" which was fantastic to hear. She has put on almost 3 pounds since her adoption but the vet did not suggest any major changes in our feeding routine. She will go back in a month for another round of vaccines.

We are working on socialization every day. During the week she comes to work with me for about 3 hours and meets our dog-loving business neighbors. They come in, talk to her and play with her- we have rapidly progressed from shy-hiding under the desk/mom to being curious and stepping out to greet newcomers. She has also been meeting dogs in our neighborhood at home, several of which are rescues in their own forever homes. She is still fairly shy at first encounter but we are being patient with particularly high energy puppies. This weekend we are going up north to introduce her to the extended family dogs, both of whom are older and friendly.

Linda, I can't begin to thank you enough for fostering Sadie until we adopted her. She brings us such joy on an hour by hour basis, it's nearly impossible to communicate. Watching her jump about in the grass or pounce on toys or dance around when we come home from work- it almost makes me cry because I feel so incredibly blessed to have found her. Thank you for giving her a home and keeping her safe. Thank you to all of you who helped or were involved along her adoption process. She is a truly wonderful puppy and we are so lucky to have her.

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