DMS (Matthew Version) Disciple-Makers Memory System

DMS Disciple-Makers Memory System 

All verses are from the NLT (New Life Translation)


Matthew 28.19-20

... make disciples [makers] ...
(20) Teach these new disciples
to obey all

the commands I have given you. ...


Matthew 1.21

... he will save his people

from their sins.


Matthew 3.8 


by the way you live

that you have repented

of your sins

and turned to God.


Matthew 3.10 

... every tree

that does not produce good fruit

will be chopped down

and thrown into the fire.


Matthew 4.4 

The Scriptures say,

People do not live

by bread alone,
but by every word

that comes from the mouth of God.


Matthew 4.17

Mark 1.15

Repent of your sins

and believe the Good News!


Matthew 4.19-20 


follow me,

and I will show you

how to fish for people!

(20) And they left their nets at once

and followed him.

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