08 Cruiser

Update Received October 2013:  Just wanted to update you on Niko. He just started his second puppy class. He is so smart and picks up things so quickly. He recently has been a regular at the dog park, which makes him so happy. He really seems like he is smiling every time we are there. We also took him camping with my whole family. He LOVED it! He is getting so big. He is about 35 pounds. I got him a cowboy hat for Halloween. He hates it. So I will have to back to the drawing board :) He is a joy to us everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for him. You raised an awesome puppy and he is growing into a spectacular dog.

Update Received September 2013: He is really doing amazing. He such a unique fabulous little guy! He is at work with his dad right now. He is their little mascot. He makes himself quite at home. The cats and him are doing great. They have gone along with their normal business already. Mia is really curious about him and always wants to smell him. It is very sweet. She will lay pretty close to him. He has made best friends with my sister's puppy Mylo. They adore each other and he is so happy when they are playing. Thanks for bringing him into our lives! He is the perfect puppy.

Update Received August 2013: The first couple of days have gone great! He is such a sweet boy! The cats are very curious about him as he is about them. Each day they get a little closer to smelling each other. :) We signed him up for his first puppy class today. So excited to take him. We came up with the name Niko for him. Thank you so much for picking us. He is going to be spoiled rotten every day!

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