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 Medical history for physical therapist
  Robert Carr

Age 49

I have been fairly atheletic all my life.  I was a top level wrestler in high school.  After that I was a regular jogger (averaging perhaps 15 miles/week)  from ages 18 to 40.  I never did any stretching during those years.

Beginning at age 40 I got the marathon bug and significantly increased my running.   From 40 to 49 I've completed 25 marathons.

By age 42 I develop plantar facitis in my left foot.   Dr. Blake, a sports podiatrist at St. Francis Hospital, diagnosed severe over pronation and recommended Grid Stabil running shoes with orthodic inserts.   I also started stretching 3-4 times a week after getting some lessons from a sort of stretching PT kind of guy.   This PT guy commented at one point that he thought I had a leg length difference but I ignored and forgot this comment.

The plantar faciitis moderated and disappeared over course of 6-12 months and after 12 or 18 months I stopped using the orthodics.  I am on my 40th pair of Grid Stabil running shoes.

At age 46 I started doing triathlons.  I bought a custom built frame from City Cycle and got a good fit. from them.

I experienced lower back pain in each of these tri seasons.  The typical pattern was it was more severe the first couple of months out on the bicycle.   This year I noticed that the pain was mostly in lower left lumbar.

At age 47, 48 and 49 (this year)  I did Ironman distance triathlons.

At the end of my first Ironman season, in September 2003 my general practioner doctor noticed scoliosis in my lower back and that my hips seemed canted.  She measured from hips to the floor and declared she estimated my left leg was 1" shorter than my left.  

In October 2003 I went back into City Cycle and Clay did a careful refit focusing on my leg lengths.  His measurements estimated my left leg as having a 1/4" shortness in tibia and 1/4" shortness in the femur as well.  He shimmed my left bike shoe cleat by a little less than 1/4".

From 2002 through 2005 I've always noticed that on the Computrainer I cannot get even power output from my legs.  It was 55/45, not 50/50.    My computrainer is broken now and I can't remember for sure which leg was 55.

When riding my bike last week I noticed that my left inner thigh hits my bike tube on every rotation.  I can't believe I didn't notice this before so I can't explain if it's always done that or if it's a more recent development.   When I experimented, I found that if I torqued my right hip forward I could straighten out my left leg's rotation so it did not hit the top tube.  However, after riding for 10-15 minutes with the right hip consciously torqued forward I developed lower left lumbar pain.  My back felt weak the rest of the day.

This year I finished my Ironman on July 10th so I am now in my 'off season' and ready and willing to change my bike and training routine to focus on foundation issues.

The last think I should mention is that throughout my 40's I have had my lower back "go out" about once  year.  My lower back would spasm up rather severely so I would have to do bed rest for 1-2 days.   For several years it would typically happen within a day or two after having done "back dip" exercises (I'll have to explain this exercise, I don't know it's real name). 

In the Fall 2004 I began doing more "core" exercise via yoga and mat pilates and physio ball exercises.    I haven't had my lower back go out in the last year.

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