09 Sonny

Update Received May 2014: I thought I would share this with you since it was a momentous day for Maverick. It was his first ride in a boat and he did great! We wanted to give it a trial run since we are going camping in the Boundary Waters in about a month and that will also include many boat rides at the lake. I wonder what he will think about the fish we are sure to catch?! :) Once again, thank you for all you do at All Dog Rescue and thank you for allowing us to adopt Maverick. We love him!


Update Received November 2013: Maverick still loves his baby blanket. And it (and he!) keeps me warm.  He is a spoiled and very loved little pup!


Update Received September 2013: We are all in love and Maverick is a very, very good puppy. No accidents in the house (but I've been religiously taking him out every hour to hour and 1/2.)  He seems to love a rope toy with a nubby ball in the middle of it the best so far. Good! Chew that thing! :) He had a "field trip" with Nick last night. They went to a friend's house who has a dog and he came home very tired. Haha - maybe that's why he slept for such a long time last night! He rests/sleeps in his crate or by my feet and we've been taking long walks together. I'm playing a "cup game" with him where I hide a piece of kibble underneath an overturned plastic cup and he's getting better at figuring out how to overturn it to get to the goodie. Trying to keep him mentally tired as well as physically tired. I know I'm both mentally and physically tired as well. Hahaha! Although he has me exhausted, it's a good exhausted and we love him very, very much.


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