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Update Received September 2015: Hello again! I adopted Lola (Christa) 2 years ago this coming fall. It has been a wonderful life for the both of us and she is a full DOG now! Her life is AWESOME and full of friends and fun times! She comes to work with me most days, and greets all the clients with love and tail wags. We spend summers up north at my lake place where she runs and has an ongoing feud with the local beaver! My boyfriends lives on 20 acres south of the city and until this past winter Lola enjoyed romping the property with his yellow lab. She was 14 and he had to put her to sleep this early spring and she is still missed by all, including Lola. I'm thinking it is time to start looking for a new dog join our family and want to start with your organization.


Update Received December 2013Lola is conked out on the couch (surprise!) we had a crazy busy day today. It was her first time in office from 10-7:30 with only quick lil potty breaks (less then 3 mins) Its hard being a good office dog, it takes a lot of energy and focus for a lil puppy to maintain. It was a bit different than a normal day since we also had a guest worker in the spare treatment room. My acupuncture dude asked to use that space to see a client that uses a wheel chair. My office is accessible and his is not. Lola was a excellent citizen and greeted like a champ and was mellow with the clients, 2 attendants, and the newfangled elec wheelchair! Trust me when I say keeping a 4 month old puppy chill and focused on working on HER client when there is fun stuff in the room next door is not an easy thing to do.... but Lola did it with her eyes closed!!! Love this dog!


Update Received November 2013Hello, I wanted to give you an update on Christa - Lola!  She has been the most wonderful addition to my home and office! She is growing so fast and boy is she smart!  It took the first week to potty train, no accidents since then, she signals when she wants to go out and being food motivated sure helps her to learn more things every day.  Trips to the dog park are her favorite and she loves to play with the big dogs!  Thanks so much for all of the wonderful work you do.


[The picture is] Lola, napping after a hard day at work!


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