09 Simon

Update Received November 2013:  Thank you for taking such good care of Simon. We're learning every day, and yet, really, he's just easy going, quiet, and only a little stubborn on walks. He's a huge hit walking around the lake. People gush and Simon obliges gracefully. But, when it's time to go, he lets you know he's done with the petting. Thunder and Lightning really scare him. I think we bonded with him the most the night it was really loud. He was shaken ever so but was consoled in our arms. He sleeps on our bed. He doesn't spend any time in his own bed. We thought to get him a new one, but he seemed happy when we packed it away for a night. He's so little and it feels good to have him snuggle up. He doesn't stay long in an embrace, but tolerates it for a few moments and then finds his place. He actually loved taking a bike ride with me! I wish we'd gotten a photo when he was smiling but he was grinning ear to ear:)

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