11 Aries

Update Received December 2013: Well All Dog, you have managed to do it again.....added another wonderful member to our family! We could not be more thrilled with Jax (formerly Aries). He is such a joy in our lives and has fit right in! He is doing amazing, he loves to learn, loves FOOD and he LOVES his big brother Murphy (formerly Favre, All Dog 2009). We have already completed puppy class and have now started Obedience 1 at the K9 Coach. He is such a smart boy, he can sit, lay down, shake, almost roll over, leave it.... I try to work with him every day when i am working at home with him and his progress really shows. IT helps that this little guy is sooo incredibly food driven. We have also begun to take him to doggy daycare and the dog park to make sure he is socialized with other dogs. We truly cannot thank you ENOUGH for what you do as an organization....special thanks to Linda for giving him such a strong start in life, don't know how you managed with all those puppies....You are amazing! And Shelley, you are wonderful, thank you for making the adoption process so easy and entrusting me with another one of your precious pups! I have included some pics....you can bet that you will have another update in a few months. Just wanted to let you know he is thriving and very much loved in his new forever home!

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