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January 2014 Minutes


Minutes from the Jan. 16, 2014 meeting.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00.  Members present were Gail Reha, Patti Stemwedel, Jodi Truchon, Roger Peck, Shirley Nelson, Kris Kavajecz, and Jane Bucy.

A motion was made by Patti, second by Jane, to approve the Nov. 25, 2013 minutes.

A motion was made by Jodi, second by Shirley, to approve the Treasurer’s report.



  • Election of officers – ballot tally   New officers are official – Voting was unanimous.  The new officers are: Roger Peck – President, Gail Reha – Vice President, Shirley Nelson – Treasurer, and Kris Kavajecz – Secretary.
  • Presentation from Roger Peck regarding web based meetings/options – Roger reported on some web-based options for the club.  He explained how a web meeting works, showed how this could include many out of town members in the meetings, explained how a calendar for the club online could include data and to-do lists for the club’s events, and discussed how the bylaws might need to be changed to allow for online voting.
  • Discussion/action on deciding what events/projects the HCC will continue doing in 2014 – Discussion was held regarding who would be in charge of each individual event the club sponsors.  A motion was made by Gail, second by Kris, to continue with all events except for the cemetery clean-up.  This duty will go back to the town.  Motion carried.
  • Discussion of 2014 budget dependent on above decisions – all categories will stay the same.  The budget committee will develop a budget to present at the next meetin.
  • Set Next Meeting Date – This was left to be determined based on the budget committee meeting and executive committee meeting.



  • Correspondence – thank you for flowers.
  • Other business as needed – A motion was made by Gail, second by Patti, to update the bylaws to incorporate electronic meetings, to remove the statement about “open meetings laws”, to update the verbiage regarding officers and duties, update the standing committees, and to change the fiscal year.

Other Information

Adjourn – A motion was made by Gail, second by Jodi, to adjourn at 8:20 PM.


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