01 Coco

Update Received January 2014: I just wanted to give you guys a little update on how Coco is doing. We had a great week. He is just the sweetest dog! If we're sitting on the couch he comes up and plops right down on our laps or comes and gives us hugs on our shoulders. Maggie is slowly getting used to him, it gets a little better each day. The dogs both love to go on their daily runs. I think that has been helping them to bond. Everyday when I tell them it's time to go pick the kids up at school they go crazy jumping and barking. It's so cute how they look forward to it everyday. The boys can't get enough of Coco, it's all they talk about! I have to remind them to give attention to Maggie too. I hope you guys are doing well, we'll keep in touch. Stay warm!

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