Friday, December 21st 6:30-7:45pm

at Tabula Rasa Gallery 8918 First St., Baroda, MI 49101


On the shortest day of the year, take a moment to pause amidst the chaos and be present with your body to breathe and stretch. Finish with a delightful yoga Nidra by candlelight. All levels welcome. $15 class fee. Limited to first 20 students. Reserve your spot now! Afterwards gather around a blazing fire, cheeks flushed and hearts warmed in a soulful celebration (secret location to be revealed at class). Libations optional. Namaste







Be mindful.  Find your center and stay there.  Namaste, Greta CYT




Have you watched the video here on the left? Please share it with a friend thinking of trying yoga.




Walk-Ins Are Always Welcome!  Warning! Yoga can cause happiness and good health!



"Age is gauged not by years but by the suppleness of the spine.  Full, deep breathing is the key component to efficient movement." Joseph Pilates


All classes taught at Tabula Rasa Gallery 8918 First St., Baroda MI 49101


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