What Is Yoga?

"Yoga is the Journey of the Self, thru the Self, to the Self" Bhagavad Gita 



Bandhas: Bandha' (bond, arrest) is a term for the "body locks" in Hatha Yoga, treated under the heading of mudra. Specific bandhas are: Mula Bandha, contraction of the perineum. Uddiyana bandha, contraction of the abdomen into the rib cage. Jalandhara Bandha, tucking the chin close to the chest.


Private Class: Too busy to commit to a regular group class? Schedule a private class to work on asana, breathing, balance and strength. Contact me to book one session or a package for your self, a loved one or a group of friends in our studio or your home/office. All private classes are customized to your body, your goals and your schedule.


5 Winter Foods to keep your heart healthy: Kale, Pomegranates, Butternut Squash, Beets, Citrus fruits 
 How will you be your healthiest, happiest and most productive this year? Yoga is a great place to start... by making time for yourself, your health, your greatest asset, to stretch, find balance and strength. Learn to use your breath, the most versatile tool in our well-being tool box. We offer group classes and private sessions to work on your targeted objectives. All levels of yoga practice are welcome.
 "Age is gauged not by years but by the suppleness of the spine.  Full, deep breathing is the key component to efficient movement." Joseph Pilates


Testamonials: "I’m so grateful Greta. For the yoga, for the sight of you, for the sound of your voice, for the sight of our studio space and the sense of all of us being there together virtually. Namaste indeed!" Tana Vaughn  


"You’re a goddess Greta. Thank you!!" P.B.  and "Great class last night!! Slept great. Feel great!" Krista W.


"Monday night classes with Greta are definitely a must! She is a very skilled teacher who somehow remembers everyone's physical needs during each class. I get a great workout every time & feel fabulous afterward. Check it out! You'll be glad you did! K.K.


"LOVE Monday morning YOGA class with Greta!!!! Wonderful way to start the week!!!!!! Thanks Greta!!!" C. H.


"Yes, I would LOVE to continue on Monday nights.  I don't think all the toxins are out of my body yet!  Plus, I'm enjoying having one on one time with my daughter, so you're also helping to keep the toxins out of our mother/daughter relationship. It's win/win!" L.F.






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