QUOTE ON FACEBOOK: Relationship tip for men: When a woman says, "Correct me if I'm wrong but ... "Don't do it!! It's a trap!! Do not, I repeat, do not correct that woman!!!

Donna writes: We can laugh at the funny picture and joke; but it doesn't apply to all women. My Harold has always corrected me when I have been wrong --and he has never allowed me to manipulate him either. I truly love and respect him because he has filled his position as my head.

Let me tell you men a little secret. Since the fall in the garden of Eden, all women have wanted to rule over their husbands and it is the hardest test of a woman's faith for her to submit to her husband. (Think about how hard it is sometimes for you to submit yourselves to God who is all wise and never makes a mistake. Well, we must submit to another human being.)

I truly believe that a woman who wants to honor God by submitting to her husband, and respecting him, is given a double-measure of faith. In my case, I have seen God honor Harold's decisions by making them work out for good and going before us to protect us.

Finally let me tell you another little secret. If a man allows his wife to boss him around, she will lose respect for him. So, correct her in love and pray for her.

Try to understand how much she needs to trust you and your loyalty and affection for her. You don't have to be rich to give her flowers either. I have treasured wild flowers that Harold has brought home to me. A hotdog and a walk in the park can be a special treat, too. It is the little every day thoughtfulness that counts and that makes a lifetime of happy memories.

Donna Kupp

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