Grandchildren!! by Grammie Carr

Grandchildren are:


blessings from the LORD, the Creator and Sustainer of our lives, the Lord Jesus Christ!


full of smiles...


and curiosity...


and wonder...


They ask so many questions,


and stare at your face,


then break into a smile.


They need help washing hands,


and getting drinks, 


and feeding chickens,


and eating,


and changing clothes,


and finding shoes,


and remembering to give Jesus thanks before they eat,


and saying please and thank you.


They want to get the eggs first, 


and love to get snacks.


They always remember what to call you...


and like to snuggle when you read a book.


They fully trust you to take good care of them,


even when you can't get the car seat out of the car,


or you lock yourself out of your daughter's house with them in your arms!


They love it when you feed them and make special treats,


and rock them to sleep or watch Praise Baby videos for awhile and give baby massages.


The older ones teach the younger ones,


and the toddlers are gentle with the younger babies.


They become your motivation for going to the gym, so you can carry them around.


You are mystified by the many different kinds of diapers, wipes and sippy cups!


You walk miles with the new, fancy strollers,


and drive around parking lots looking for a single grocery cart that will hold the car seat too!


You buy all kinds of baby paraphernalia to make life easier on everyone,


Duplo blocks, legos and nerf darts spread across the house like spiders into every room!


Yes, grandchildren are blessings from the LORD, multiplied again and again!



"O Father, builder of character and courage, may my grandchild grow strong in the light of your love. 

Grant him courage to stand for what is right, to guard the truth and to ensure justice in every aspect of life.

May he boldly grow in grace, revere your name and proudly proclaim you as the Lord of lords and King of kings."


  -from The grandmother's Bible 


Want to take grandparenting to the next level? I highly recommend the book Extreme Grandparenting

by Tim and Darcy Kimmel.


Another good read is "52 Prayers for My Grandchild" by Steve & Annie Chapman.  We read through it in the Grandmothers' Prayer group I started.



And here's a lullaby I learned over 50 years ago that my step-grandfather used to sing me to sleep with

whenever I visited my grandparents and now I sing it to my grandchildren:


"Go to sleep my baby

Close your pretty eyes...

Sandman is a comin'

Sprinklin' sand in your eyes.

Great big moon is shining,

Stars begin to peep.

Time for sleepy heads like you dear,

to go to sleep...

That's my sweet Wyoming lullaby."


And here's a lullaby I made up that I sang to our girls:


"Rock-a-bye baby,

In Mama's arms...

Go to sleep baby,

You're safe from harm.


Rock-a-bye baby,

God's watching you...

And when you awake dear,

We'll be here too!"















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Monica Galvan (monica)

LOVE!  LOVE!! LOVE!!!  Mom, I loved reading your heart through this poem!  Thank you for sharing your heart with us!!!!  This is a treasure!!!

Jun 9, 2014  ( 2 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)

So that's why you go to boot camp


They become your motivation for going to the gym, so you can carry them around.


Very good!  Grandchildren are an awesome blessing from God!

Christina Roper (croper)

very nice - yes they sure enjoy the nerf gun wars and have gotten a lot of mileage out of those duplo legos  :)

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