I Won't Miss...

I Wonít MissÖ

I wonít miss the long walk up the hill,
But Iíll miss the view from the top. 

I wonít miss German class so early in the morning every day,
But Iíll miss hearing and speaking the German language.

 I wonít miss waiting in line for the shower, the phones, the washer and dryer,
But Iíll miss living with 52 other people. 

I wonít miss waking up at 7:10 every morning,
But Iíll miss Moore Haus breakfast.

 I wonít miss walking up 5 flights of stairs to the classrooms,
But Iíll miss looking out the windows over the Hauptstrasse.

 I wonít miss the Essig Haus salad,
But Iíll miss having a different entrťe every night.

I wonít miss the absence of real, cold milk here,
But Iíll miss the ice cream, so much.

 I wonít miss the bitter cold on my bare ears and face,
But Iíll miss bundling up in my coat, scarf, and gloves every morning.

 I wonít miss my very thin, bumpy pillow,
But Iíll miss ďFresh LinensĒ day.

 I wonít miss the extra lbs. Iíve put on here,
But Iíll miss the great food!

 I wonít miss somehow always losing when exchanging money,
But Iíll miss getting to use so many different fun currencies.

I wonít miss the too-forward Italian guys,
But Iíll miss the German hotties.

 I wonít miss the so-called Mochas from Cafť something on the Hauptstrasse,
But Iíll miss the Doppeldeckers from the place below us every week before convo with Kara.

 I wonít miss not being able to order free tap water in a restaurant,
But Iíll miss getting to order a beer or glass of wine instead.

 I wonít miss how expensive sodas and other drinks are here,
But Iíll miss getting to divide the price of everything in half.

 I wonít miss the late trains and resulting weekly sprints,
But Iíll miss telling the then funny stories.

 But when it comes down to itÖ
Despite what I try and tell myselfÖ
Iíll really miss everything.

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