08 Leonardo

Update Received August 2014They are doing well. I've renamed Leonardo and his new name is Linus. Maddie still has all of her energy, and Linus is quickly learning all of her 'tricks'. There was a little jealousy at first, but now they just run around and play, and snuggle up next to each other when they finally tire out (or being told that they need a break). However, the two together can be rather mischievous sometimes. He is still a tired boy and likes sleeping and he's much calmer than Maddie - but he also loves playing with her. He's doing very well with potty training, but hates being left in his kennel when I leave for work, no matter how many treats are in there. However, each day he seems to do a little better. We're going to get him enrolled in puppy classes next month, and I'm looking forward to seeing how well he learns. I think he's going to be a quick learner, and hopefully Maddie will learn from him. Thanks for everything, and for this sweet little boy.

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