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 Etiquette for Blogging
Proper Etiquette for Blogging

There is truly an etiquette for blogging. Some people like to post blogs and some simply like to read them. Some like to post the rules of conduct regarding their blogs, but no matter what, there truly is a proper way to behave and make it a fun experience for all. I've made a list that I think is important for each of us.

Please comment on a post if you enjoy it. We all love to know you've deemed our blog worthy of your attention and it is so appreciated when you know that your efforts are not in vain and that you might have uplifted someone.

Politics and religion can be "HOT" topics so try to stay away from those issues unless the blog is definitely geared toward those issues.

I, personally, try to respond to the post in relation to what it is saying. I also try to personalize it to that person. If it has nothing to do with the post, it can be very confusing.

It is my opinion that not many people appreciate anonymous comments. Many consider it rude and inconsiderate and just plain bad manners. This is when an email, if possible, is more in line than the comments page. Posting any comment " in the cloak of anonymity" is terribly bad manners to most bloggers.

If you mention another blog, link to it. I have a blogging tutorial here that shows how to do this if you haven't the knowledge yet. You want that person to receive the credit if at all possible. Good manners!

Limit your posts on your page. I'm only familiar with blogspot so I can only speak to that one. You'll find it under your "settings" and then "formatting." I set mine low so it will load faster. Yes, you have the control over how many appear on each page. If you post a LOT of pictures and have set that setting for 25 posts on one page, just imagine how long it will take to load! A long, long, long time usually. I've seen pages with lots of pictures, player lists audio and the pictures were large in terms of KBs that it takes so long I simply leave it and go on. You'll know immediately this is happening if the little "scroll button" is tiny and travels sloooooooowly down the page. It simply isn't worth it to view a blog like that to me - usually. Very frustrating when the blog itself is beautiful and you'd truly like to see it.

Don't ask someone to link to your blog. I've asked to exchange blogs and that lets them know you think their blog is wonderful. Some will link and some won't, but it doesn't matter if you like their blog.

If you see an image you like and want to display it, get in contact with the blogger and ask permission and then give them the credit for the image. I've found that most of them are flattered and will definitely let you use it. However, if they say no, then don't.

Videos and audios. These are not as much appreciated as most people who have them think. They make loading impossibly slow to downright nonexistent in some cases. At best they can "distort" the blog. I've been on some that I cannot read the post because the "audio player" obscures it. A lot of people/bloggers will simply skip over the blog with any music. So you might want to reconsider if you have it on your blog.

Let your readers know you'll be on vacation and when you'll be back. Vacation or just any time you'll be away from the blog is meant here. Your regular readers check frequently and they might not check back if there is nothing for a long time with no explanation as to what's happening. You want them to keep coming back.

Absolutely respond to people who leave you a comment. Sometimes I find the need to email that person instead of leaving it on the comment section. It might be a tad private and you don't want the whole blogging community to be privy to it. But sometimes there is no email in their Profile page and it's not possible so be careful leaving it on the comment section itself.

Colors of background and text are extremely important. Remember, books are written on white paper with black text because that is simply the easiest way for the eye. Please be aware of others who may read it when you're posting. While you may think orange on pink is "stylin'" others may just tune your blog out and never come back. Blue text on black is so hard on the eyes I can not even imagine someone doing it, but I HAVE been to pages like that and I simply click off immediately. Bad form. Make the contrast from the background of the "page/blog" to the text easy to read here. Remember, that's what it's all about, not your creativity in THIS area. Make it easily readable.

Your logo and backgrounds are what people recognize when they first come or return to many times. It's best to not change so much in that area because the reader will then think they're not at the right blogger. So don't keep changing it with the seasons or holidays or just because you are tired of the look. Make it uniquely you also. Instant recognition is always a plus. I know that I've clicked on a blogger and sometime during my last visit and this visit they have changed and I'm not sure I'm at the right place anymore. So decide on your blog graphics, logo and background and colors and stick with it as much as you can. It truly is best and doesn't confuse the reader who loves your blog. And don't change your name or logo since they may never find you again. I've seen several ebay sellers change their names and no one can find them again. Not cool, ladies! Settle on a name and keep it.

Make it enjoyable for you and the reader both. Absolutely have fun with it, but as in any social activity, give some thought to the person you're "talking" to and it'll be more enjoyable for everyone.

While these rules are a good idea to follow, they are my suggestions. It's your blog in the end. But if you don't consider the others and how it may appear to them you may have lost some valuable reader or friend. Just make it easier for them.

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