05 Lilah

Update received October 2014: Thought I'd send you an updated picture of Lilah (adopted May 2007). Hard to believe we've had her 7.5 years now. She's got a lot more grey now, but that's about the only sign of her aging. She's been a wonderful companion and I hope it lasts a lot longer. We might have upset her by getting a second cat instead of another dog, but she's dealing with it just fine.


Update received October 2008: The latest newsletter reminded me I wanted to send you a picture. Isn't she beautiful? She's been a great dog. She's graduated to having the run of a couple of rooms in the house when we're at work. I built a short stand for her bed so she can lay down and look out the window. The squirrels and chipmunks keep her entertained while we're gone. She's getting better at walking on a leash, but deer and rabbit encounters on the trail are still a challenge. And she still tries to eat everything in sight - especially grasshoppers. Oh well, such is life with a dog.


Update received March 2008: She's having fun learning new tricks and seems to like to wave the best. She's a great girl. Hard to believe it's been almost a year since we adopted her.


Update received January 2008: Pretty easy to tell who's in charge. Oscar gets the big bed and Lilah has to sleep in the cat's bed. They were actually on the big bed together once! Big progress. Hopefully they'll be good buddies someday.


Update received shortly after Lilah's adoption in 2007: Lilah is doing wonderfully in her new home! Her new owner writes that she has settled right in and everyone agrees that she is a total sweetheart - well, Oscar the cat still needs a little convincing, but he'll come around. Oscar likes to tease Lilah - pretending he wants to play with her then changing his mind - but the two of them also like to sit by the back toor together and watch the squirrels outside. Lilah loves her box of squeeky toys, and for some reason this large girl loves squeezing into the cat beds whenever she gets a chance - even though, as you can see from the photos, she has plenty of comfy beds of her own!

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