I am 90 years old and a survivor of the great depression. I was born two weeks after the stock market crash of 1929. (My parents took the burden of those days.)

God has blessed me in so many ways and has provided for my needs --but like the birds of the air, I scratched out my living through work.

I just wanted to say that in all my life, I have never collected unemployment, welfare, subsidized housing or any other government benefit except my social security.

I had been out-of-work from time to time; but always looked for what I could do and where I was needed. One time, I had to take a number at a store to wait for service. I waited, and waited ... I thought these people need some help. I applied for a job and got it!

One time, I was accepting any kind of job that was moral and that I could do. That day, I went to be a companion to a lady who had come to visit her family for Thanksgiving. Her daughter-in-law had menus to plan and preparations to do for her guests. The mother's son was the owner of a large company.

The old mother told me that her son was once unemployed and was in line for day work. That one day, he went with a crew of men to unload a box car. At 5:00, all the men quit and picked up their money; but her son said to the boss: "If you don't mind I will stay and finish the job here for you."

The owner of the business hired him; he married the owner's daughter, and years later became the owner of the business.

Donna Kupp

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