My Guardian Angel!

I have a special friend;

He's someone I can't see.

I don't even know his name

But, he sure is good to me.


I talk to him every morning

And sometimes throughout the day

I ask him to keep me safe

Whether I'm working or at play


And sometimes he does me favors

The likes you wouldn't believe!

From carrying messages to loved ones

To clearing traffic for me!


But most important of all

He listens to my prayers

And delivers them to God

To order all of my affairs.


God has appointed him

To stay by my side

And even if I wanted to

From him I could not hide.


He's my Guardian Angel

My protector, my best friend.

He's been with me since day one

And he'll be with me 'til the end!


And when this life is over

And this body moves no more,

He'll carry me to heaven

To the Savior I adore!


I love my Guardian Angel

The friend I cannot see!

Thank you, God, Thank You

For giving him to me!!!








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