Simply put - "open theism" is the concept that God does not know everything about the future.

This can be a volatile subject for some so please - look at it with a desire to understand truth and an open mind.

Here are a few comments from Bro Cope which I found thought provoking:

1. "When God speaks and says something about the future, He is usually talking about something He fully intends to make happen. It is not foreknowledge, per se, it is a statement of a willful intent."

2. If God foreknows something, it can only be if He is not Himself causing it to happen. If He is the one who is making it happen, then it is no longer "foreknowledge", it is merely the outworking of things He is causing to happen.

3. Simply stated, open theism says that God knows everything it is possible to know. While His knowledge is vast, and His ability to project people’s actions is too, I do not believe the Bible teaches that He knows everything. I don't see how God can know something that does not yet exist. He can project, but know?

Thanks to Bro Cope...

Actually this is a very important subject in relation to the process of salvation and what is really going on here on earth.

Harold Kupp

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