SF Book Group Pebble Beach/Monterey Weekend Feb. 2015

I have gathered as much of the miscellaneous info that I could find on all the emails and have tried to put it all in one place.  





Deborah's address: 3021 Cormorant Rd., Pebble Beach



Group 1:Amy and Collette will drive down on Friday afternoon while Susan A will arrive by 7PM.


Group 2: Andrea, Stacey, Susan D and Elizabeth will drive down on Saturday morning.


Group 1 will be responsible for dinner on Friday night and Saturday morning breakfast


Group 2 will be responsible for dinner on Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast.





There is a planned outing at 11 AM downtown Monterey on Sunday (? I think it's Saturday-Andrea) so I suggest that Group 2 plan on arriving at the house by 10:15 or so. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to drive from SF to PB,  I would leave SF by 7:45AM.f you plan to meet us at the RLS house, I will send info regarding parking lots in Monterey , etc.



The house visit will take about one hour. Following this, we could wander over to Fisherman's Wharf,check out other sites in old Monterey (remember that Monterey was the capital of CA before Sacramento... the 49ers changed that and I do not mean the football team!)


In the evenings/mornings there will be option for beach walks, jacuzzi time so bring walking shoes,fleece jackets,  bathing suits. 

Also, bring bed linens and towels. I have beach towels for the jacuzzi , etc. 



Other activities in the mix so far : visit to butterfly sanctuary  would be sometime in the afternoon (when the butterflies are in action) so perhaps after our downtown visit.




I will be in PB when you arrive and will be able to prepare the house.. 

There will be plenty of coffee, tea, 2% milk and red wine upon arrival. Shots of rum should be mandatory as we discuss Treasure Island!



There will be room for 4 in my house and 4 in the other house so there is plenty of room. 


Meals and Provisions:


Deborah - coffee, tea, milk, Friday night dinner

Susan Allen - Saturday breakfast. Bread, butter, almond butter, jam

Amy - fruit and yogurt for both breakfasts

Collette - Sat. night dinner

Stacey - Sat night dessert and wine

Elizabeth - Sat. night salad and bread


Susan B. - snacks


Andrea - Sunday breakfast Oatmeal





To bring:


walking shoes for walks on the beach


bathing suit for jacuzzi chats 


your towels for bathing


 linens for beds  -- Deborah wrote that we should bring linens (Susan A)






beach towels for jacuzzi


Directions to Robert Louis Stevenson House:



530 Houston Street, Monterey, CA 93940



Get on I-280 S/State Hwy 1 S in Daly City from 19th Ave


0.6 mi Continue on I-280 S. Take CA-85 S, US-101 S and CA-1 S to Fremont St in Monterey. Take the exit


toward Monterey from CA-1 S

  1. Merge onto I-280 S/State Hwy 1 S

    Continue to follow I-280 S

  2. Take the exit onto CA-85 S toward Gilroy

  3. Merge onto US-101 S

116 mi / 1 h 47 min

36.9 mi 18.9 mi 39.7 mi

page1image20960 page1image21120 page1image21288 page1image21456 page1image21616 page1image21784 
  1. Take the exit toward Monterey/Peninsula

  2. Merge onto CA-156 W

  3. Continue onto CA-1 S

  4. Take the exit toward Monterey

  5. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Monterey Peninsula College

Continue on Fremont St. Drive to Houston St

  1. Continue onto Fremont St

  2. Turn right onto Abrego St

  3. Turn left onto Pearl St

  4. Take the 1st left onto Houston St Destination will be on the right

Robert Louis Stevenson House

530 Houston Street, Monterey, CA 93940 













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